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Israel election analysis: Who's going to lead the country? | DW News 4.5
The future of Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hanging in the balance. Partial results from the country's election show thas as of now the race is too close to call with the Blue-White party of centrist Benny Gantz tied with Netanyahu's Likud. So far neither side has declared victory.

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War between good and evil....but God of Israel has the last word!!!!

Author — Amy


God appoint people .and God disowned them also.

Author — Margaret Roman


Its not over Yet! America is watching.

Author — Clevagal S


Don't think he will be leader for long now

Author — Greenpoloboy3


No matter how divided u r, The Sovereign GOD of Israel is going to make a decision for His people, the choice of action that glorify the most high. Amen

Author — 杰克杰耐Jienai77


The difference between the two parties is like the difference between Coca Cola and Pepsi...Both rubbish!

Author — Peter Mike


Ask papa trump, who is gonna be next pm.

Author — Hydi B


What does it mean when they say "national unity government?" We don't have a parliamentary system, is this a common term?

Author — Mackenzie Goodwin


Looks like even Israel is infected by leftists.

Author — Paul Colourzone


Rock Paper Scissors.
2 out of 3.
Costs less

Author — Ajisen Ramen


Don’t worry people I’ll lead the country ✍️

Author — FishingFrenzy


I am 75 yrs old. Benny has the experience of a lifetime of familial wisdom, knowledge, international relationships and his fierce love of Israel above all. It is too tenuous a time regarding the threats to Israel to allow personality politics and old infighting to influence to influence you the stakeholders!

Author — Patricia Palmer


As priests have they ever been stopped? I have seen the one they serve as priests, Him calling them royal priests means it is so.

Author — derek radcliffe


My goodness only US seems to have mastered the ability to sensationalize every news piece. I mean this just sounds boring. Give it to a US newsroom and it sounds like soap opera!

Author — Tolu Osinowo


Ok, new PM is Bibi again. Beni Ganz can’t make coalition

Author — Gary S


This is an english speaking German broadcast. Why?!

Author — Rea Ality


3:00 the lady gave her conclusion and very personal.... Netanyahu feels shy.... Does she need say that???

Author — bahjo


It feels like Israel has elections every month

Author — Ash Ejiro


This is dangerous very dangerous. WW3 No way god damn

Author — Silver Steel


Subko muze responsible bana liya juke karenge UK wo

Author — Girish Kulkarni