Dr. Anders Tegnell - Sweden’s Decision Not to Impose Quarantine | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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Dr. Anders Tegnell - Sweden’s Decision Not to Impose Quarantine | The Daily Social Distancing Show 5

Sweden state epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell discusses his country’s decision not to impose quarantine in the face of coronavirus and its consequences. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AndersTegnell

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Responsibly governing themselves. The majority of Americans have already proven we wouldn’t be able to do that.

Author — eponack


This is maybe one of the best interviews I've seen with our State Epidemiologist. Calm, actually letting him say everything he has to say, asking relevant follow ups and not accusing him of ignoring the problems that has been shown during the crisis.
As a Swede I applaud the commitment to the truth and not trying to spin a certain narrative!

Author — gronsakthefirst


Comprehensive and respectful interview, unlike a lot of the sensationalism coming out of international news about Sweden these days. Kudos to you for asking smart questions and actually listening to the answers.

Author — Daniel Eneström


When the Daily Show has better interviews than the "real" news...

Author — obi 1 shenobi


"well doctor, thank you for your time." Trevor is such a polite boy . We don't really use titles in Sweden so this was a breath of fresh air.

Author — Moonster Girl


And none of those being hospitalized got a bill afterwards.

Author — 54tisfaction


Mom recently got diagnosed with lung cancer, and went on sick leave keeping 80% of her salary from day 1. she was admitted, had surgery and spent 5 nights at the hospital. She is about to start treatment. She was billed about 10 bucks/night cus... yaknow... they had to provide her food and the bed. Her treatment will be covered by our universal health care. From what i read, in the US she would have been looking at up to 200k in surgery and treatment. In Sweden, an ambulance ride is 15 bucks, in the US up to around 2k.

Advanced xrays here are about 7 bucks. Over there up to 30k. You tell me if the US would be able to implement anything that Sweden is doing in regards to universal health and social security. Without drastic changes to the social security, i think it would be very hard.

There seems to be a lot of crying "socialism" whenever universal health care and taxes are on the political agenda in the US. Socialism seems to translate to communism and limitation of freedom in the ears of many americans. It could not be farther from reality though. You may be free, but you are also completely on your own if you fall and dont have a shit ton of money. We, and many other countries, have the same freedom, but are also taken care of by the state when we need aid. It does not have to be one or the other.... or communism...

Author — caleberiel


Trevor, I think that you should give up your "night job" and focus your career on broadcast journalism.
Your interviewing skills were very strong in this interview with Dr. Tegnell. Thank you!

Author — ADistantStar


The one bad thing about our (Sweden's) approach, the death toll, has nothing to do with our current way of handling the pandemic. The problem was that the government announced a "no visitors" law for all elderly homes 3 days before the law took effect. That meant that a bunch of morons hurried up and visited their relatives before the lockdown so basically all homes got infected.

Author — Alexander Lonnakko


Amazing questions by Trevor Noah. Especially near the end, his questions were so precise and illuminating. They weren't politicizing, nor leading, it was like..."Hey, why are you guys doing this and what is the thinking behind it?" This is actual public service thank you.

Author — jammernaught


A couple of things stand out:
1. Swedes seem to be well-disciplined...and dare I say "compliant"...when they realize that how they behave directly impacts how many of their fellow countrymen could die. They care enough about each other to at least make a good effort, while balancing it with other things that are important, e.g. economy.
2.Sweden has laws requiring PAID SICK LEAVE. This discourages people from going to their job while ill, and/or worse...concealing their illness for fear of losing income.
3. It seems like the people in Sweden generally (90%+) trust their government's recommendations. Unlike in the U.S., where we've been deceived so many times that anything the government suggests is suspect. Even more so with the liar-in-chief currently running things.

Author — Marvin A


I‘m writing from Germany. What a amazing interview. I didn’t see anything what is comparable. No judgements, only questions what matters to understand.

Author — Jeanine Reble


7:40. I like that he admits that the plan didn’t work completely as expected, with a higher death toll than expected, and the calmness to carry out with the plan. It’s extremely refreshing. In the US, the blame would be passed on, or facts would be dismissed as lies, and every answer seems so politically motivated to the point where I don’t believe anyone.

Author — rabago85


The mainstream media has been doing a co-ordinated hit job on Sweden for quite a while now, but it is starting to look like Swedes were the smart ones.

Author — Toby Hewlett


As a fellow Swedish citizen, Me and everyone else that I know are staying home as much as possible. Not necessarily for out own safety, but for our fellow citizens and their well-being, for out loved ones, especially the elderly. We are following the guidelines set up by our government because we believe that they know this better than us. I know absolutely nothing about viruses. So I let other people handle that and to tell me what's best. The same thing comes to me and my clients when it comes to international logistics and international business. Every workplace I know are following strict guidelines, as do mine. I'm proud to be living in a country with such amazing people. People that have the utmost respect for each other. 🇸🇪

Author — F Gustafsson


Thank you for allowing us to have a clear and untainted view of what Sweden is doing. And thank you for treating him like a fellow human being and like we are all interconnected.

Author — Moo3kadi


Imagine Sweden being that friend who does a diet and it works but you do a diet but have underlying issues that make it dont work. Sweden has a method that works FOR THEM because they ARE DISCIPLINED. US is far from that. Let the Swedes alone Americans.

Author — Jonny Gomes


There are protests here because people are going hungry, can't pay their rent and bills and losing their little health insurance. A situation very much different from Sweden with it's national health care and sick pay.

Author — MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs)


He is right, most people that is in a risk group is staying home, i been working for home for 3 month now and have people shopping for me when i need. So many people are helping people like me in the risk group. Like he said you cant just compare the deaths in a country, always its a underlying facts on why. I mean its a few other country that has the same pop as Sweden with much higher death rates but you dont hear news talk about them? But like i say there are always underlying facts on why, which many people seem to forget.

Author — Pierre Berglund


It's always funny how european interview guests try to avoid telling the american interviewers, that stuff that works here won't work in the US because the US healthcare system is shit. ^^

Author — pwn2own