7 Things I Never Buy Or Waste Money On!

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7 Things I Never Buy Or Waste Money On! 5
In this video, I'll explain seven products and services that I never pay for!

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1.) Malthe Have Musaeus
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4.) Ryan Scribner (LOL gotta be fair though)
5.) Levertis Brock

Author — Nate O'Brien


Time is money:
7. Expensive Smartphones
6. Bottled Water
5. Overpriced Food
4. addictive products
3. multivitamins
2. full price clothing
1. financial advisor

Author — DANgerous DANtiest


I’m planning not to have a gf till I’m 65. Right now I’m only 14. Save time and money.

Author — Khan Pop Giveaway


When your wearing your new yeezys, watching this video on an iPhone x whilst drinking bottle water while eating out, smoking a thiccc cigar, getting vitamins and I'm about to call my financial adviser to see why I'm so poor.

Author — Casey


I quit smoking a month ago just to get starting in investing.

Author — BR Investing


You're pretty wise for your age. Most millionaire's are poor at first and use their money wisely. they also take big risks and think big picture while starting with little ideas and little money

Author — snehal patel


an LG phone isnt a knock off its just an LG

Author — Binozia - Tech


I spend too much money on beer - i should shoplift it instead

Author — var1328


Addictive substances includes caffeine like soda and coffee as well. People spend an unbelievable amount of those things

Author — Tyler Sanders


Make your own coffee... I don’t but I should start!

Author — TPA tennis


One thing I do to save money is workout and also buy plain-color t-shirts for a really good price. Working out helps me look good in them. 😎

Author — Christopher


My son is back from Army and I wanted to give him a BIG party for his birthday. I miss him so much that I wanted to show my love this way. He asked for an intimate dinner with his girlfriend and my husband and I. I spend $50 at Costco for a delicious steak dinner and gave him the rest in a Costco gas gift card. He was very thankful.

Author — Mia Ridi


I don't drink coffee or pop.
I don't spend money on snow removal or landscaping.
I almost always get water at restaurants.
Fix my cars and house myself if I can.

Author — jhand97


What if you have a girlfriend and it’s hard to save money lol😳

Author — Alex


Hum. Your a pretty smart cookie. I bet your mother is proud. Enjoyed listening to this one as well as a couple of other videos you have on here. Great job!

Author — Charlotte Bell


Yes, I drink tap water at my home, but less choices when went out I bought water bottle. However I bring my refill glass for soft drink.

Author — Titi Yin


I love your videos. You are genuine and honest, and your advice is very relevant. I'm 37 and I have what many here in Canada would consider a good job. However, I was raised by parents with not much money, and I kept their savings habits.

Here are some of my most effective ways to save or make money 1) I invested in my education and now have a very well paying job for my federal government with a pension and insurances. Also, being French-Canadian, learning English alone probably is responsible for half my professional success. My job in a Deputy Minister's Office requires bilingual employees. 2) Biking to work. All in all, the low maintenance bike I bought and used for 8 years of commuting (so far) saved me about $6k in monthly bus passes. 3) Keeping everything I buy until it's completely worn out. I do this for everything. Clothes, tech etc. 4) Having a small home or apartment near work. Insurance, maintenance and everything is cheaper when it's smaller. Also, being near work allows me to bike to work.

Ok this is becoming a wall of text so I'll stop. But I could write forever about this.

Author — Terminal Velocity


When I lived in Missouri my family used to buy bottled water because the water in our town was absolute crap. Tasted like pool water. The running joke was that all the stupid/crazy people drank the tap.

Author — Tornado


I'm a smoker and what you said about cigarettes really has me thinking if it's worth it haha...glad I found your channel dude I'm digging everything I've watched so far!

Author — Rook D


With phones it's usually the camera that attracts people these days. Especially filmmakers since you can have a camera with you all the time but I completely support you're opinion.

Author — MML