Unity Character Customization with Blendshapes - Part 1/4

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Character creation that you see in AAA games where you can use sliders to morph the face as you want. You do not need 3D modeling experience for this tutorial. We will learn how to import a model from make human to blender and configure it to be used in blender.

Created this video simply because I haven't found a video like this so I learned it and here to share.

Blender is covered in this tutorial for blendshapes but any of the popular 3d modeling programs work. All you need to do is figure out how to change the blendshapes on those programs. Scripting remains the same throughout.

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you re still the only one who explain that 5 years later X) thanks a lot

Author — Un homme qui court.


Anyone who complained you didn't make the model would be crazy! You're showing something completely different, not how to make a human! XD

Author — RustytheFoxCoon


Awesome. I didn't know you could store blend shapes in an FBX. You are the real MVP

Author — 0 SUBS


Four people down voted this video. They were probably lost... Awesome tutorial by the way. I didn't know this was possible in Blender, that's the part here that really helped me but I skimmed over the other videos because you make a great tutorial.

Author — Michael Revit


19:03 "I just like showing off"
>Adds materal to a plane.
Woah, slow down there fella!

(jk thanks for the tutorial)

Author — Seraaron


Can you type negative value to a single slider, so you only have one slider per feature?

Author — GiMiat


"base hum... base mesh" XD great tutorial, it really helped me

Author — Had1t1x


Hi, I would like to know how to save the slider values of Blandshapes by using playerprefs ? Any one?

Author — মন্টু মিয়ার অভিযান


This is such a useful tutorial, great info. Question: is there a way for the morphs to go past the 100 min/max values using the same morph trend? For example say I have a Blendshape on a character's bicep, and I want it to grow over time based on strength. I have an item that increases strength to the point where it is giving more than the max Blendshape, and I'd want to have the character grow into a temporarily beefed up state, so that it's larger than the max of the export. Is that possible?

Author — b1uezer


Hmmmm... This can be used as a random NPC generator to fill the game playing space, unless you need to create some special NPC that stands out .... Although here it is also possible to make separate, special settings for such a NPC, thanks
for the work!

Author — Mr Smith


Hey nice tutorial! Is it possible to get the morphs that are in makehuman? For example "asian" to "caucasian"? Or maybe you would have to export different models from makehuman then create shape keys from 1 model to another? But then the shape keys that you created in your tutorial will not work at the same time! Do you have any idea how to do that?

Author — Vegan Jack Bauer


Can someone please give me advice, I am veteran in blender but newbie in Unity, will I be able to follow this series?

Author — MCShvabo


Could you expand on this idea with methods of having the mesh's blendshapes affect equipment and clothing etc? I've always wondered the best way to make armor and clothing fit a user's custom character shape. :) I want to make the best character creation we can for our MMO and you clearly know what you're doing so I'd love to hear what else you know/can share to make this really something special! Also if you want to join us feel free to reply! ^^ Thanks for the info (i'll be watching all the other videos on this as well from you)

Author — Omuni Reborn


I am working in indie, and need a way to make npcs fast...will this method of working be faster than making each head and body from scratch? Would you consider it efficient and optimized.

Author — Kiyamlol


interesting and contains something new to learn. but it's not my answer.
thank you a lot for this good tutorial.

Author — Mohammad Fathi


What if i make my character fat? Would the clothing automatically fit?

Author — TheLoveBomberz


Hello, can you tell me the name of your desktop/windows skin?

Author — Juan Cruz Fortunatti


I have´ShapeKeys in Blender but the FBX in Únity hasnt BlendShapes.

Author — Simsala Animationen


Makehuman isnt updated anymore but the Brother of Makehuman is this one
Often updates it and improves and it works right in Blender

Author — Racko The Third


When I open up the makehuman file my mesh has its eyes popping out, can anyone help??

Author — LaQueen B Gaming