😲FIFA22 TOTY - Footballers React😲 Feat Ronaldo Messi Neymar Mendy & more

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Author — 442oons


Lukaku and Werner have a more real friendship than I could ever hope of having.

Author — Kyle Corbin Music


It's such a shame that someone like Thomas Müller, is appreciated so little internationally, he's been the best attacking midfielder in the world last season and this year too and he is definitely a legend that needs more attention.

Author — Nivel


442oons have been working their ass off these days
And I appreciate it a lot, they made my day

Author — saladtossing


Can safely say… FIFA ain’t about a proper “TOTY”, it’s about players who will sell the most packs, didn’t even try hide it this year

Author — Cruzr1872


It feels weird seeing Marcelo in a 442oons video. I don't think I've seen him in one in ages.

Author — Armaan


On a serious note, it's actually ridiculous Mendy didn't get into the World XI after the season he had.

Author — Free Bird


Salah really should've been on the TOTY, Assists, Finishing, Solo Goals, Crazy Highlights....my dude can squeeze in a goal no matter how tight the situation may be. he's really outdone himself this season and it isn't even over yet!

Author — ZeroLetris


Now I can safely say that 442oons deserve more than fifty million subs
Keep making us laugh Dean

Author — Zaid Ahmed


Muller and Lewandowski are more than friends 😂🏆

Author — Sylemis


Mendy Deserves To Be There.
He is The Most Deserving Player 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Won 2 Major Titles In 2021. Best Gk Award 2021. If he would have beem european he would have got his spot
Its More Like City and PSG squad(9 out of 11 Players)

Author — Cloak-And-Dagger


1:23 Rudiger might just become my new favorite 442oons character 😂

Author — Adarsh A. Kumar


Missing your 'Every Premier League Manager Reacts' videos... Please bring them back! 🙂

Author — Ujjval Sharma


I remember telling my friends, you can argue all day long about who will be joining Messi and Lewansowski, but knowing EA no matter what it will be Mbappe

Author — ehwassupdoc


Dean: Can you beat me at Fantasy league?
Also Dean: Then join me!

Author — Santiago Llosa


I know Kane is not as good as Lewa this year, but I was still kind of hoping for him to be voted in, considering that he single handedly carried spurs to secure an Europe spot last season

Author — Arandompianist


The amount of jokes and reference is incredible! Thanks dean!

Author — ArbuzYT


Loved how dean put Eden hazard’s goal and Ramos reacting to Marcelo getting a red card 😂😂🤣❤️

Author — Makhamreh Family


Toty this year was ridiculous, neither Mendy or salah entered on the team and the worst of all was that none of the female barcelona players entered in the female toty. For context that team won the league with 100+ points, won the Spanish cup and won the champions league

Author — Julian


Looks like Romelu and Werner are friends again I’m so happy another great video it’s a disgrace that Mandy wasn’t there ik donarumma won the we but mendy won the ucl the super cup and was sensational for Chelsea

Author — Aadeeshvar Singh