The Beatles: SUZY PARKER (SUZY'S PARLOUR) [Unreleased Track]

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[Unreleased Track]

I tried to compile the best versions I could gather of The Beatles unreleased, original songs only, known as Bootlegs. [I may do the cover tunes for another project at another time.] Quite often, they did many versions and takes of the same songs. I combined some of these songs with other versions to make a logical flow of the music, while others, I just chose the best version I could find (in my humble opinion of course.) All these songs were rejected by The Beatles at one time or another, so many songs never received a proper recording, let alone a good or solid mix. Over the years, many music engineer fans have done an excellent job of cleaning up bootleg copies and presenting them on youtube and other sites. What I decided to do is make several volumes of their unreleased material, and presenting them as ALBUMS, as if they were going to release these songs when they were still a band. The style or format will follow much like the Anthology album series they already released in the 90's.
Recordings done between 1960 through April of 1970 are the only ones I chose since, technically, those were the main years they were a group, which included some minor band name changes (ie: 'The Silver Beetles," "The Beatals" and so on) and personnel changes (ie: "Pete Best" and "Stuart Sutcliffe") during those times. For the sake of argument, all songs written by either John Lennon or Paul McCartney will be credited as "Lennon-McCartney." (Harrison and Starr will be credited individually as indicated.) The only time this will not apply (concerning Lennon and McCartney) is if they released their songs as solo artists, like OH MY LOVE which was a demo made by John during the Beatle years, but was released as a solo work of Lennon's AFTER The Beatles broke up, thus making it a purely Lennon composition.
For the editing and mixing process, I cleaned up the sounds as best I could with what I had, while getting rid of excess noises (when possible) and making these demos sound as if they belonged on an album, fading songs in and out as needed, including some crossfades from different versions of the same song, so you wouldn't hear a bunch of talking or chatter (again, when possible). For some songs, it was totally appropriate to keep the chatter since it helped define a song, like ALL I WANT IS YOU, which was obviously a sound check attempt and totally off the wall, and not trying to be a serious song in the first place. I also tried to pick songs where only The Beatles were performing and NOT fan overdubs of their unfinished music. The only exception to this is the song NOW AND THEN since there's no known Beatle version in circulation. For that particular song, I combined the best 4 versions I could find to make my version. I did this project out of love and respect for The Beatles and their fans, since they are legion and loyal. (I know, since I am one of them.) If anyone finds better copies of these unreleased songs (or if you can direct me to find more songs I haven't yet found), please let me know and I'll try and update new mixes over time. Until The Beatles release their final versions of these songs, I'm hoping my mixes will be considered worthy to the fans of The Beatles.

--Wayde K. Brown, The CELL BLOCK Studio & member of The Santairs

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Wow...a stereo version without the beeps

Author — I. Cuthbert


This has to be on the upcoming Let it Be 50th anniversary box set!

Author — Astrosjer