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Woke up 4 am to visit the beautiful Sugba lagoon. Takes about 2 hours to drive from General Luna to Del Carmen. From there you take a 45 minute boat to the Lagoon. It's amazing ride to sail through the mangrove and seeing the water villages on the riverbanks.


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Aside from super dope cinematography, I super love the background songs. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Author — Eugene Carlo Miguel


We are so fond of your videos because you always feature new sceneries that are not normally seen on other blogs. This is not to mention your superb camera shoots and editing which does not fail to delight your viewers.

Author — wahleed taula


this guy got so much cool vlog in many places in pH literally wlang wla sila Daniel marsh and dasowil to this guy

Author — Dice


You are famous now, Finn! Damn the war in Marawi, more travels in the Philippines.


Author — Dennis Ulysses


Beautiful location! I didn't think that water was deep enough to dive into! Very cool to see you enjoying and being spoiled by the hospitality from the people. Prepare yourself to be recognized more often! 😁

Author — Dream331


That must be exhilarating, meeting your 1st fans.Congratulations!🎉you deserve to be recognized for your amazing vids.

Author — aines caps


You are my stress reliever whenever i watch your videos...

Author — diana espanto


Whoa 9k already? Awesomeness
If only can subscribe 1M the love ❤️

Author — Pinette N


this is as beautiful as Palawan if not better. thanks man! i didn't know mindanao is that beautiful

Author — LuvMyLilBabe


Hi Fin. Try to travel back in time lyk u r in a place sometime in 17th or 18th century. Visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac Bataan.

Author — Jason Israel


I am going to be your stalker from now on but in a good way and not to be creepy hahaha.. I really love the cinematography of the video ..still the views are nice and most of all it's awesome that you're chatting with Filipinos...sweet.. hoping to meet u and I really want to go to siargao .. 🤗🤗🤗

Author — Dee Lawton


Finn thank you for promoting the Islands of the Philippines through your awesome visits to each beautiful places you showcast on your channel! don't get tired of exploring them!

Author — Bullen Cat


They are so lucky to meet u in person. 😊 u never fail us to amaze in ur videos. Keep it up👍👏😊

Author — Chel 0006


you're makin me miss my country 😭😭😭 i dunno if im gunna love you or hate you lol... keep rocking finn. hope i can bump into you one of this days.. 😉😉😉

Author — Teacher Lizzy


Hope to see you feature the beautiful Marinduque in your next adventure. 😊😊😊

Author — Erickson Marciano


What a beautiful places, we’re glad FINN your drone help us a lot viewing SIARGAO., GODBLESS 🙏👍❤️

Author — Erlinda V. Wambangco


Amazing 😊👍🏼 I've seen all your vblogs. Love Them ☺️ Take Care always and Enjoy life 🙂🇵🇭

Author — Susan Labandero Jeppesen


i was absolutely blown away from the video of beautiful scenery...

Author — jon snow


Just love your Vlogs Finn! I'm a Filipina living in the US and your video's show that the Philippines has so much natural beauty that I was not aware of until I started watching your videos. Happy that the locals embrace you wherever you go! Hoping that I can retire in one of the quiet villages that you have featured in Palawan or Mindanao.

Author — Lorna Gasper


Dude, you just made me realize how lucky i am to be living in this beautiful country.thank you!

Author — Dino Romulo