Minnesota’s next steps on COVID-19 | Governor Tim Walz LIVE Address

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Minnesota’s next steps on COVID-19 | Governor Tim Walz LIVE Address 4.5

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Thank you to CCX for providing this stream.

Author — DZ Author


Thank you gov.walz for your transparency throughout this crisis

Author — beard_life_matter


Thank YOU, Governor Walz. You and your Team are doing a GREAT job for us. Thank you for your leadership in this critical time. I'm sure glad I live here. We appreciate all of you- critical care workers, public employees, front-line employees, too many to mention. God Bless you all.

Author — Jay Smith


YA, THANK YOU GOVERNOR, , , wait a minute , ,,what do you mean i have no money in my account for food,
or to pay my rent or car insurance, , or my phone bill, , for 20 deaths, ya that's rite, thank you governor, , HAVE YOU


Author — DOUGY


We should all wear masks that may help

Author — Aerial Drone A better view


There should be more than 4.6k views....I’m sure MN has a higher population...

Author — Alvinator 520


Mn, your Governor Walz sounds on top of things. What I didn't hear is his expectation of duration.

Author — califsherry


Wish we could have these types of intelligent presentations from our President.

Author — Adam Kycia


People will not be immune if they are sitting at home not being exposed to the virus. When will the peak come if daily cases are decreasing? Sitting at home just delays the peak surge. A vaccine is 1-2 years away. Shall we be on lock down for a year?

Author — Maria Patriot