Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video – Extended Version)

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Harry Styles - Adore You (Official Video – Extended Version) 5


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Directed by Dave Meyers
Written by Chris Shafer & Dave Meyers
Starring Harry Styles
Narration by Rosalía
Score by Kid Harpoon
Produced by Nathan Scherrer
Line Produced by Jo Coombes, Ellen De Faux, & Tom Gardner
Cinematographer Scott Cunningham
Production Designer Laura Ellis Cricks
Mr. Styles Styling by Harry Lambert
Cast Styling by Verity May Lane
Edited by Alyssa Oh
Telecine Stefan Sonnenfeld
VFX by Mathematic
Sound Design Chris Afzal at Wave Studios
Post Produced by Adam Parker & Nathan Scherrer
Video Commissioner Bryan Younce

A Freenjoy Production

Full Stop Management
Columbia Records
Content Creative

Audri Kenley
LS Productions
Entire cast and crew


Walk in your rainbow paradise
Strawberry lipstick state of mind
I get so lost inside your eyes
Would you believe it?

You don’t have to say you love me
You don’t have to say nothing
You don’t have to say you’re mine

I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

Your wonder under summer skies
Brown skin and lemon over ice
Would you believe it?

You don't have to say you love me
I just wanna tell you something
Lately you’ve been on my mind

I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

It’s the only thing I’ll ever do

I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Oh honey
Oh honey

I’d walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you
Like it’s the only thing I’ll ever do

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Shawn and Camilla: We are the cutest couple

Harry: Hold my fish

Author — Ryan Dayvault


The world would be a terrible place is Harry actually lost his smile.

Author — ilikecheeserrr


Notice how both Harry and the fish are going to Commit suicide Harry was putting rocks in his pockets the fish was jumping on to land

Author — Julia & Delainey


I am only now realizing that he tried to commit a suicide in the water, thats why he put stones in his pockets so that he would sink.
The fish saved him.

Author — Anahit Melkonyan


Harry: *says “i get lost inside those eyes” while talking to a fish*

Author — Faith Cowley


Director: “So do you want a cute girl to be talking about”

Harry: “a fish it’ll be”

Author — jana saab


The moment when a fish has better acting skills than you

Author — Water burger


"He had lost his smile, and without it the world grew darker. "
The most true sentence I've ever heard
Harry's smile is extremely important

Author — Jazabella Design


I literally just realized this is narrated by my queen ROSALÍA and im DYING

Author — Maria Lienlaf


so basically at 1:33 pretty much since harry was all sad and depressed he put rocks in his pockets, which is what you do when you’re gonna dr*wn yourself. as he went deeper into the water, the fish came to save him. then you can see him slowly getting more and more happy. there are 2 theories as to who the fish is. 1. the fish is louis, there is a book called louis the fish and everything from the book and this video look really similar 2. the fish is all of harrys fans, the fans saved him. which is why the fine line album looks like the perspective of a fish. i don’t know how to feel right now i’ve been crying for the past hour.

Author — Danely Othon


I just realised when he screams into the jar he is putting his pain in it. Afterwards you can see him use the same jar to push the boat meaning he is using his past to push his present towards a better future.

Author — DrDisconnect


This songs metaphors are deeper than you guys realize.

Author — dasteeples


I just realized that the fish is called “Louis the Fish”.

I’m not ok everyone :, )

Author — Yung Lady


this music video is literally perfect. the visuals, the story, the song itself, and of course, harry. it's an absolute masterpiece. probably one of my most favorite music videos.

Author — it's a little bit pItChY


Island : E R O D A

Harry : A D O R E

Author — Karolina Nowak


This video is just proof that Harry was born to give light into this world

Author — Irlanda Tradley


In all the seas, in the world
There has never been a land
Quite like the isle of Eroda
Shaped unmistakably like a frown
Is it home to an all but forgotten fishin' village

That has had perpetual cloud
Cover for as long as anyone can remember
An isle where some still believe
That it’s bad luck to mention a pig in a fisherman’s pub

Where seeing a minster in the morning
Meant you should go home immediately
Some fishermen still wore a single gold earring for luck
Some say it’s to pay
To have your body buried
If you die in a strange port

It was also frowned upon
To be caught whistling in the wind
In fear you might turn a gust into a gale
And if ever you leave Eroda
Avoid doing so on odd numbered day—everyone was always
Frowning anyway, which they referred
To as Resting Fish Face, but then
Well, something peculiar happened
Or, I mean, someone peculiar happened

The Boy was peculiar from the moment he entered the world
No one ever meant to be mean towards him
But in a town grown used to way things were
No one knew what to do with something different
They did their very best to ignore it
Hoping it would go away, and eventually so did "The Boy"

[Scream: Harry Styles]

He had lost his smile and without it the world grew darker
The wind colder, and the ocean more violent
"The Boy" was not alone in his melancholy
He wondered what could bring despair to something so beautiful
He tried to ignore the fish
But loneliness is an ocean full of travelers
Trying to find their place in the world, but without friendship

We are all lost and left with no hope
No home, no harbor
He wondered what cruel
Twist of fate brought them together
And if fate was indeed involved
What did she have in store

[Song: Harry Styles]

[Post-Song: ROSALÍA]
At that moment, with the entire
Town united in putting a fish back into the ocean
The clouds broke, the sun shined
Down on the isle of Eroda
Melting every frown into the unmistakable shape
Of a whale's tale...

Maybe one day you'll see one of Kieran's paintings
In your motel room
Or read an obscure yelp review
About a dinner with the most curious menu
Or pass someone in the street
With an oddly stylish haircut and think...
Where on the earth did they get that?

Maybe you'll invited to a wedding
Between two neighbors whom it took
An ocean to bring together

And who knows, maybe one day
You'll found yourself in the isle of Eroda
For each night the local bartender
Still pours a glass of ale
To appease the celtic water spirit shenandoah

The Boy decided to find out
What other wonders awaited
Him in the world however
He sailed on an odd numbered day
Which caused everyone in town
To lose their hair
But that's another story...

Author — Achille Salazar


He tried to k!ll himself at the start. I can’t even describe how much i’m crying right now.

Author — tamar .k


Has anybody every thought about how we might be the fish? Like we helped him through some hard times and kept him smiling so the world would be a happier place, and now he’s helping us be happy again?

Author — Megan Proberts


Harry's mom: hunny who are u talking to?

Harry: mom, cant u see im seducing a fish?

Author — Lour popy