What Ukrainian girls in Odessa think of foreign guys! Street Interviews

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What Ukrainian girls in Odessa think of foreign guys! Street Interviews 4.5

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Hey Dany, I’ve been a fan for a long time. I travel a lot too, and I just wanted to say I love your videos. This video was especially cool for me because you’re in Ukraine at the same time as me (I’m an American visiting Kiev right now). Wish you the best, and keep up the good work!

Author — Chris Stoddard


My friend spent a month in Ukraine. He noticed the high heels immediately. "Crazy cobblestone streets but women here are in high heels!"

Author — Spunkymunky


It’s not “love OR money” it’s “love OF money”

Author — George Rady


Pls tell me the city is still alive at night !!

Author — Audia Keny


The Ukrainian girls are all saying love is more important than money but they are f#@!ing lying LOL 😂😂

Author — Gaba 0731


90 % will says LOVE, and 99% at the and loves money):):

Author — datkaia datkaia


The nice girl says (3:16) that if you have love the money will come. I almost laughed out loud. This is why birthrates plummet in developed cultures. When people no longer struggle, when everything comes easy, people lose their practical side and become unrealistic about life, more and more they hold out for prince charming--wealthy, good looking, treats her like a princess. Then they end up dying alone in a house full of cats. The End.

Author — Uncle Putin


They all say love is more important.
But when he asked why do they like tourists

They said: money.

Author — Goy Ninja


i had a Ukrainian girlfriend from donetsk before and she was an amazing women and unfortunately we had to go our separate ways but she made me realize that women from ukraine or russia are genuinely deep down good loving people

Author — xdynomitex13


Ukrainian girls like the money in Foreign guy's wallet. ;-)

Author — sayjai bao


The girls in the video came across as intelligent, articulate, thoughtful and charmingly polite, as well as hugely pretty. A winning combo.

Author — Ken Roberts


Least attached....most engaged....thats the truth! Wow! Really good phrase!

Author — rain Alaska


Great video! Makes me wanna move away from my everything I know and begin a new life somewhere else. Theres so many lives and experiences I'm not living and won't ever live and it makes me feel as if I'm missing out but I do my best to be thankful for where I am because it can always get worse

Author — Sean Camacho


Are you wearing lipstick man!?!
Pete :")

Author — alwayspete


Of course girl always will say love more important, but... 😅

Author — Tolly Zgama


I’m going there after this freaking quarantine is over.

Author — Fer Núñez


I'm waiting for that video where you speak in German :D

Author — chicken8wings


I am from Canada, you did a good interview in Ukraine.

Author — Paul Wood



ජේම්ස් නැවත පැමිණියේ දහවල් කාලයේදීය ඔහු විය හොඳයිසෑහෙන්න දුක්ඛිතයිඅම්මාලුවිස් සහ මම පසුගිය දින කිහිපය පුරාම ගොඩනඟා තිබුණා ලුවිස් සහ මම විහිළු කරනවාඅම්මා නිශ්ශබ්දව හා කාර්යබහුලයි බිඳ වැටුණා ජේම්ස් තාත්තාට දොස් නඟන බවක් අපට පෙනුණි හැමෝටම දොස් කියන්න ඔහු කෝපයෙන් කැත වූ අතර ඔහු අප නිර්මාණය කිරීමට උත්සාහ කළ සන්සුන් කුඩා පොකුණේ ධාවන පථයක් මෙන් විය ගෙදරට අපායක් දැනුණු අතර අපි සියල්ලෝම එකිනෙකාට පහර දීමට පටන් ගතිමු පිටතඋයනේ පිටුපසින්කවුන්සිලයේ කැණීම් කරුවාගේ ඉතිරි සිදුර කැණීමෙන් අපට ඇසිණි එන්ජිම ඉහළට සහ පහළට පුනර්ජීවනය විය ඒක හරියට මැෂින් ගහනවා වගේ ජේම්ස් අප සියල්ලන්ම මියයෑමට ප්‍රාර්ථනා කර ඔහුගේ කාමරයට දිව ගොස් දොරට තට්ටු කළේය නැවත සොහොනට ගොස් ජිමී ටුරොක්ට අවසන් ස්පර්ශයන් යෙදීමට උපකාර කිරීම සහනයක් විය

Author — Alice Blankenship


Respect to the girl @ 6:44 for her honesty .

Author — kguehini