Super Supportive Surf Dads

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It's always important to encourage your child to do a sport that you want them to do.

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San Clemente is the epicenter of surf dads. They always ride Ebikes and wear Patagonia jackets

Author — Surf Viking


This video's killer man, back when I was a young grom my dad, similar to the ones in this vid, used to pin me down and force feed me bull testosterone and pure tigers blood so that I could show the WSL up for the pussies they really are. By 4 and a half months old I was dropping in on Kelly Slater at the Hawaii pipeline on my stand up paddle board and punching cones amongst the swell. I'll never forget what my dad did for me. Unfortunately the mix of speed cones and bull testosterone entering my brain during some of its most essential developing years kinda fucked me up mentally and now I can't walk or talk at all. I can only stand up paddle board but you wanna know what I say? You'll never be bored when you can stand up paddle board. Sure I sometimes wish I could walk and talk. And sure sometimes I wish women wouldn't look at me like I'm some kind of freak of nature or failed experiment. But you gotta take the good with the bad in life and that's really what it's all about. Good videos lads 🤙

Author — Chiggen Joe


Epic Content Bro Funny As
Should come over to the Mount BOP area,
and do a bit on Surfing as a none local away from your usual spot, their would be some comedy gold in their

Author — Bar Kronic


Love it! Gave me a good chuckle! :) :)

Author — Craig Phillips


Legit gold lol! Unfortunately seems based on real-life characters . . .

Author — ApprenticeGM


Makes my day when these upload...did you say painted on arms?...haha

Author — Middleagedshred


My dad always said "If not for the parents kids' sports would be fun". Too true! Hilarious video.

Author — Marc Hebert