Mobb Deep - Shook Ones, Pt. II (Official HD Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Shook Ones, Pt. II" by Mobb Deep

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Son, they shook
'Cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
Scared to death, scared to look, they shook
'Cause ain't no such things as halfway crooks
Scared to death, scared to look
Livin' the life that of diamonds and guns
There's numerous ways you can choose to earn funds
So some get shot, locked down, and turn nuns
Cowardly hearts and straight up shook ones, shook ones
He ain't a crook, son, he's just a shook one

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This is arguably one of the hardest beats in rap history and still gets played till today.



There are bad songs.
There are good songs.
There are great songs.
And there are songs that are simply timeless

Author — Pat One


My dad was 19 when he first listened to this. I am now also 19 listening to this song with him. The art of rap is timeless

Author — Aaron M


This isn't just a song, it's a historical artifact. 30 years later I'll still be blasting it.

Author — Victor Mj


Damn I remember when this came out. I got that CD and bumped that all day and night. Havoc on the beat. A very underrated producer. One of the illest beats ever. Notice the sound of the gas stove in the beginning that rolls into the beat. This is an all time classic from 1995. RIP

Author — Luis Lopez


Mobb Deep blessing for music Industry!!! No matter he got the boost from *AUTHENTIC* *VIEWS* but can you name a single artist who did not use it??? In fact he is no more an artist but a legend !!!

Author — Lorraine Laird


"I'm only 19 but my mind is older when things get for real my warm heart turns colder"

Love that line

Author — Sharks17


“I’m only 19 but my mind is old” always fucking hits hard. RIP

Author — Sean


Prodigy had incredible wordplay. One of the GOATS. His mind was strong but the physical couldn't deal with the punishment of sickle cell. 😢 Havoc underrated. He elevated P.

Author — Lewis Lovelord


Imagine creating a CLASSIC by the age of 19...

Author — MeenzerTobi1980


It’s 2023 and I still get chills when this joint drops

Author — BornToBeMotivated


Fanático de mobb deep desde los 9 años y desde los 9 mi idolo siempre va a ser Prodigy adicto a esta música más que al drill los verdaderos de Queensbridges

Author — Kriz Al


This beat was meant to go through generations. The flow, the lyrics, the beat. A legend was born!

Author — GuruCPTza


The song is timeless and the instrumental is legendary 🔥

Author — Kasonde Mulalami


I was this years old after literally listening to this song since I was young, that the gas stove clicking at the start is going through the whole song.. the beat can be found 💯🙌

Author — Delusional Optimist


its sad that they dont make songs like this anymore man..

Author — JoRris


The look of this Prodigy as a young man is truly striking. It really contains the depth of his lyrics. The hardness and materials that make up Mobb deep are unmatched and non-existent on this planet. "Shoock Ones" is unique! 🙏🏽👑👑🙏🏽

Author — oko ietyo


90's rap...
The time when clothes were loose but rhymes were tight

Author — Kaggy


Arguably one of if not the hardest opening verses to any record

Author — IRVremy


This song is one of his best songs!!!! I felt every single word
Mobb go in sooo hard on this right here, straight up! Even if Central Cee was just using that AUTHENTIC VIEWS jawwn to get his career going it dont change the fact that he is a real talented artist,
SMH seem like anyone can get mad exposure these days

Author — Tiphany Lydecker