Was Helsinki A 'Top Three' Worst Moment Of Trump's Presidency?

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Was Helsinki A 'Top Three' Worst Moment Of Trump's Presidency? 4.5

Kowtowing to an adversary on an international stage would be the lowest moment of most presidencies. But most presidencies aren't Donald Trump's.

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If Obama had said this, he'd be impeached like, yesterday.

Author — Ljink


Trump, making America grovel again.

Colbert, making America giggle again.

Author — An Accessory to Mordor


President Trump betrayed his own country over Russia.

Author — Blue Jay


It'll get worse. This was not his greatest terrible moment, it was only his latest.
... come to think of it, the entire tRump existence is the worst existence imaginable among all currently living beings, even compared to NK's Kim. Kim's brutal regime is not a secret (neither is Putin's, but Americans have their own way of forgetting history quickly), however, the tangerine-in-chief is more dangerous because of his unpredictability AND because of him never having experienced a single consequence of his actions.

Author — Gixellia


Honestly, it's hard for me to laugh during this monologue. At this point, I'm just so horrified at our president's conduct. It's so embarrassing it's not even funny.

Author — Daniel Miranda


I cannot wait for the coming elections this disgrace has got to be impeached! Don't forget to vote everyone!!!!

Author — A BETTER ME


The GOP have utterly betrayed America to our enemies.
What will you do about it this November?

Author — timber_beast


say what you will about George Bush, but he never sold out America so publicly.

Author — ernesto garcia


"gangrene on the body politic"

that was good.👌👌👌

Author — AwkwardPanda


His presidency is a top 3 worst moment in USA history.

Author — Lizardnix


I hear you. Political success over honor. " What profit is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul ?"

Author — Larry White


The NRA was caught receiving money from a foreign government to influence elections. And, the republicans immediately pass a law to hide these types of donations through the IRS. It is unbelievable that the American people are so stupid that they would vote for people who are against their own interests, and the necessity of having transparent campaign contribution disclosure. This will allow foreign governments to continue purchasing the American government. Wake up America, you are being sold to special interest and foreign powers.

Author — Austen Brauker


We shouldn't start tallying a top three yet. He still has two more years, unless we luck out. If Trump has demonstrated anything it's that he can always go lower.

Author — Jessica Whitmore


1. Baby Jail
2. Charlottesville
3. Putin Press Conference

Author — Mega Deoxyz


"Gangrene on the body politic", funny but true...smh.

Author — Deborah Hackshaw


Sometimes I can't help but feel like all thesr jokes are somehow lessening the severity of what just happened. The president of the united state's sold us out to a foriegn power. The president of the united states expressed that he believed the leader of a hostile nation over the finest men and women of the intelligence community. The president of the united states was briefed only days after being inaugurated of Russia's interference of the 2016 elections. He has more infornation than the American people on this matter, and all the people who know as much as he does, believe without question that Russia interfered in the elections.
This is treason. At BEST, Donald Trump made plans to allow Russia to infiltrate our intelligence community because his pride wouldnt allow him to admit that he won a rigged election. That's our best case scenario.
But Occam's razor, based off everything we know, is pointing at the fact that Trump is being blackmailed by the Russian leader. The unthinkable has happened, the President of the United States is compromised....

Author — Francisco Hernandez


I don't know whats more embarrassing, the way Trump bent over and took it from Putin or that multiple politicians will blindly follow party over country.

Author — MW S


Thank You Mr. Colbert ....I REALLY needed a good laugh ....but PLEASE make him go away !!

Author — susan speidel


Stephen you are like the USO for American citizens! Great job!

Author — Death To Ming!


"I take him at his word"
-my senator
Ah yes a good reminder to not vote for you

Author — Dylan