Hasan Minhaj Breaks Down 'Punish a Muslim Day' | The Daily Show

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Hasan Minhaj Breaks Down 'Punish a Muslim Day' | The Daily Show 5

A campaign promoting "Punish a Muslim Day" spreads through the U.K. and Hasan Minhaj explains why it's poorly thought out.

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My Muslim brothers and sisters, I am Christian and I'll be damned if I let such discrimination happen in my presence!

Author — 8 T


the best line was i am optimist because we muslim will be free for 364 days after getting punished for 1 day.... very deep

Author — nausheen kausar


How about 'Help a Homeless and a Poor Guy Day'?

Author — Tanveer Ali


"Punish a racist day" would be great.

*Edit: 427 likes!! I've never been more respected my whole life, thank you guys so much👍😄*

Author — Wyll East


This comment section gives hope for humanity.

Author — SirBumclapper


i’m an atheist, but i’m praying for my muslim brothers and sisters. you are humans, too, and you deserve more acceptance.

Author — poggers


I've read muslim books and trust me, there's something very unique about them. Like they're peaceful and honest.

There should be "read a muslim's book day" instead

Edit: thanks for the likes guys. I appreciate y'all

Author — Amaan Talpur


*May God protect my brothers and sisters around the world and to protect Mecca. Ameen*

Author — noorah nn


I’m Jewish and this is terrible!! Love to my Muslim brothers and sisters💕

Author — CreatYourOwnSunshine


2500 points for nuking mecca, as a muslim this offends me greatly it should at the very least be a points.

Author — Shams Ramzi


I seriously haven't seen such a beautiful comment section. Most of the time when the word Islam or Muslim is used in a video there'll a lot of hate comments. They don't affect me cause I don't care what ignorant people think about my reliogion, faith and beliefs. But this comment section really made my day. Love for all of you no matter what background you come from❤❤❤❤.

Author — Kpop X Anime High


I am a Muslim.
Love to whoever Muslim or Non-Muslim sees my comment.

Author — Absolute GamerT


"Thats 364 days less than usual" we say it with a smile, but cry and scream on the inside....

Author — Amna Shahid


the only funny thing about you is your SAT' s score !!
his dad is a savage

Author — ahmad ali


What I would like to know is why is throwing acid on my face only 50 points and then there is 100 points for beating me up.
I think beating me up is much much less worse then throwing acid on my face.

Author — shafqut hussain


so much hate.. whoever did that.. May Allah guide him/her..

Author — Aawesh Sayyed


The way Hasan still manages to convert this into something you can actually laugh at shows how good he is at his job because really this whole thing just makes you want to cry and never stop

Author — Jana M


I really like how Hasan managed all that hatred even after being a Muslim
I am a Non-Muslim and I was feeling furious about it, but that guy taught me ...."You just need to ignore shit"

Author — Lekhya Srivastava


They said they r christians but they do things that Jesus told them not to do? They're fooling themselves.
They're not christians, they are evils using one religion as cover to hurt others religion believers.

Author — vian aztraguzt


This is not fun actually! Wtf is going on in west? Are you not acting against these animals? How can they even issue such a poster!

Author — Sumit ਸੁਮਿਤ