Uncharted 2: Among Thieves | The Definitive Playthrough - Part 1 (ft Nolan North and Troy Baker)

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves | The Definitive Playthrough - Part 1 (ft Nolan North and Troy Baker) 5

RETRO REPLAY continues its Uncharted playthrough with the second game in the incredible series, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Only here can you see the man that brought Nathan Drake to life, Nolan North, alongside Troy Baker, take us through the game level by level with behind the scenes stories, special guests, and hilarious gameplay. This is truly the definitive playthrough of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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*Casually overwrites a 100% save file*

Author — Papa Yelpo Doblaje


*Chloe and Nate's intimate scene*
me: I guess we're all adults here
Troy and Nolan : WOO Kissy Kissy

Author — Tj Cherry


Who else wants to see the bit with Lazarevic that Nolan mentioned? I know I do.

Author — Kari Hermsen


“Do I have to climb stuff when I’m not feeling well?” - Nolan

Nate’s adventures in a nutshell

Author — Tim


Was gonna watch netflix before bed but this is definitely better

Author — Mulle Manden


Nolan grunts while playing*

Troy: that sounds just like that guy.

Nolan: does it?

Author — Mr. ShyRyHud


Troy had a crush on Chloe, 8 years later he's working with her in Lost Legacy.

Author — Peter Starzynski Tech


my soul was crushed when he overwrote that save.

Author — TheMaskedbuilder


When you do the Last of Us play through, can you bring in Ashley Johnson to play through the Ellie parts?

Author — Drew Graber


“Her voice is deeper than yours by the way”

“Well, she’s a smoker!”

Author — Jack Leone


Who else was trying to find the Lazeravic and Nathan Drake scene Uncle Noly was talking about?? Lmao 😂😂😂

Author — Tatiana Geronimo


"I did not tell half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed..."
- Marco Polo(1324)

Nathan and Samuel Drake begin another adventure

Author — Tim


I love the stories Nolan tells of when they were making the game, uncharted and TLOU are my two favorite story driven games of all time and i cant wait to hear Troy's stories of TLOU and if we are fortunate enough more stories from Nolan as they play through uncharted 3 and 4

Author — Texas_Juggalo1


I just realised Nolan is literally wearing the answer to his problem in the Uncharted 1 playthrough.

Author — AussieSniper 101


Nolan: [chuckles] "Oh I've got a great story about this scene..."

Chloe enters the scene, says a sultry "hello".

Troy's Eyes: I'M LISTENING

Author — Josh Brak


Nolan, you made a comment once "This is my house, so let's have a good time while we're here." I don't know how many views these videos will get or if they justify your time making them, but all I have to say is this - thanks for letting us into the house, too. Looking forward to the rest of the Uncharted series. And also the explanation for why Troy ends up as the older brother.

Author — Stephen Faulkenberry


I hate that they’re talking about already having played last of us, and we still haven’t gotten to see it

Author — Zachary Larsen


"Getting tired of climbing s***" will be my favorite line when they repeat that train escape sequence.

Author — Black Tail


Nate, hanging by one arm, from a train car over a cliff, while bleeding profusely: "Oh, crap."
Folks, there are understatements, and then there's *Nathan Drake*.

Author — Tyler Boyce


Probably still my favorite Uncharted game. This was the one where everything just clicked and so many action/adventure games after this point in time followed the Uncharted 2 formula.

Might be one of the best paced single player games ever.

Author — Story Optics