Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Hit By Massive Global Outage

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

Facebook has not said how many people have been impacted by the global outage, but its platforms have billions of users worldwide. Meanwhile, a whistleblower is accusing the social media giant of prioritizing “profit over safety.”

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I spent my free time offline today working on my new best seller, 'How I Survived Six Hours Without Facebook: A Story of Courage and Hope'.

Author — Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy


What are the chances that a whistleblower goes on 60minutes and less than 24hrs FB is down? Must be related

Author — Mo Awn


It's really sad when people's lives revolve around a social media platform, NOT ME. Thank God I still remembered how to use a PHONE. DUH.

Author — Jerry


My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this tragedy.


Author — captainwasabi


Facebook did this as a distraction and it worked. It showed millions of people how the world could stop!

Author — Chris C


that would be funny if Facebook and Instagram started only be accessable on weekends

Author — antimatter


Facebook and Instagram being down didn't effect my life what so ever.

Author — R7iver


Pfffftttt! Social media went down for a day and I didn't even notice. The weather was beautiful and Fall/Winter crops needed planting <3

Author — Koi Caine


More of this should happen this way people become civilized once again.

Author — Kristine Kristine and Peter


This couldn’t have happened to a better company…..7 hours of silent social media bliss.

Author — ebutuoy6463


Facebook and Instagram down ... couldn't be more excited 🎉🎉🎉

Author — Kate L


I left all those platforms yesterday..then today happens. Its bound to implode I'm just getting a head start on wellness.

Author — Breathing Aloha


Good maybe people will do something useful now.

Author — Blast 21


I wonder if FaceBook shutdown the servers today to hide incriminating data ?

Author — Enzo Fitzhume


Facebook needs to be shutdown permanently.

Author — Dorothy Dematteo


I don’t mind when fb was down, but it affected other apps that use fb to log in, also WhatsApp been down is not cool.., but it happen at night in my part of the world, so I just went to sleep and woke up with it fixed 🤣😅

Author — Kytsune-Izzie


The outage was for FB to redo its algorithms after that scathing report on 60 minutes Sunday. It was obvious. I mean, how stupid do they think we are?

Author — Dave Mitchell


i knew this would happened like 3 days ago .. i had a vision of it going down

Author — Kateayah M


CIA: Terribly sorry! When I was copying user data, I made a big mistake...

Author — Albert Qin


Is outage the new word for virus? Is “outside force” the new word for hacker? Just call them hero!

Author — No description available