What Are Binary Options?

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Binary options are form of options trading based on a yes or no question.
You're either right or you're wrong in this all or nothing scenario.

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Clear as mud. Thanks. ...and what is this index commodity or forex pear?

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the topic of investment is very interesting and in my opinion it is the only way to produce more money .. but it is also true that you have to take into account where you have to invest because scammers are everywhere, excellent video ..

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hi! could we get a video that explains bull&bear certificates? Thank you

Author — Tatu Koskinen


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I agree with what a couple of others have written - it's not straight forward than it sounds to profit from foreign exchange and someone can be likely to lose money.

Author — Jose Irigoyen


Nice strategy i must say. I didn't earn as much as this video claim but i earn about 3250usd every week and i don't do that using video

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Binomo is very easy to use, as the interface is quite easy to make you understand the steps you need to follow. I have been trading on it from past 4 months now, and despite a few initial losses, I have finally started making decent profits. Last month itself I was able to 5X my initial investment. Since I am a total newbie in trading, it is heartening to find a platform which provides 24*7 support assistance as well.

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Why not just buy a options contract, that way you can manage how much u loose or win🤷🏽‍♂️

Author — P. Herd


Are there any binary options platforms that have no commissions or either take a portion of the profits you earn? If so, which are the best to use?

Author — Darryl M.


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