Rudy Giuliani Made 'Hannity' Watchable

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Rudy Giuliani Made 'Hannity' Watchable 5

Sure, Rudy Giuliani may have implicated Trump for serious crimes. But at least it happened on his favorite shows!

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Mueller: Two years of investigation, wasted. All I had to do was wait for Trump's own lawyers to throw him under the bus.

Author — TheReal008Zulu


I used to think evangelicals were very spiritual, religious people. But if they back someone as vile as tDump, they’ve lost their souls along the way.

Author — Holly B


Now, Trump story is that he has repaid the payment he "knew nothing about " to the porn star " he never had a relationship with " about an affair that " never happened " and still some people's believe.

Author — Mohammed hajalzain


Anyone who believes Trump is a God-fearing man, I have a Tower in New York I would like to sell to you.😎

Author — Drrck11


Rudy is the poster child for, when folks get TOO old, and just needs to retire lol. He didn't just throw drumpf under the bus🚌, he ran him over with it 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Pookie Redz


Trump loves to prey too, he preys on the poor, he preys on minorities, he preys on women, he preys on the fear and ignorance of his supporters.

Author — KingOfMadCows


With defense attorneys like Giuliani who needs prosecuting attorneys?
Giuliani can get Trump indicted and impeached all by himself.

Author — Daya Autum


Roses are red
I will be blunt
Innocent guys don’t say,
“A total witch hunt!”

Author — Max Canon


My favorite is always when Stephen reads the tweets in his trump voice

Author — gjaseattle


I love how things being blurted out on Fox News are screwing over Trump.

Author — Lashan


Why would a secular democracy, that has separation of church and state written right into its constitution, have a national day of prayer?

Author — Grimbeard


Presidents don't have time for answering questions. But lots of time for golfing at Mar-a-lago.

Author — Phil Lanager


Remember folks, Trump hires only The Best People.

Author — AllenSJ5


Stephen you are the only thing funny about this President and his moronic administration. Thanks

Author — Tom Smith


"It comes with streaming". Now that's a home run. Im still laughing :D

Author — chupavi89


Every time someone knocked on her door, writer Dorothy Parker said, “What fresh hell is this?” That’s what I say when I brace myself to watch the news nowadays.

Author — Diana Eidson


President Trump is such a _roll_ model. 😁

Author — Dave H.


Trump didn't write those 5 Tweets.. I fell out when I read them.. That looks like Rudy wrote it or another lawyer... We're not that stupid!

Author — ღSwnsasyღ _


Jeez, very funny. It's September 2019 and I have never watched it until now.

Author — Bavon WW


You can't empower someone to "fix things" in your name, pay him big money and then go hide and say you didn't know what he was doing. Willful ignorance is not a legal defense. It doesn't work for mafia bosses who tell their hit-man to "deal with the situation" and it doesn't work here.

Author — Philippe Nachtergal