This Is Montreal's Best Burger Shack — Dining on a Dime

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This Is Montreal's Best Burger Shack — Dining on a Dime 4.5

On today's episode of DOD, Lucas is at Chez Tousignant, a burger shack in Montreal.

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Man I've never even heard of chez Tousignant. I'll head over there this week.

Author — Marc-André B


I’ve lived in Montreal my entire life and have never heard of this spot.

Author — Benjamin Shulman



Author — Nathaniel Plamondon


Weed is legal in Montreal so smoke an hour before you go

Author — Sam G


This guy is a great host, I've binged his vids.
Also dig how chill he is in his style choice rn

Author — Black Hayate


Been living in Montreal for 30 years and never heard of this place. Thanks for this Eater! I will try it soon.

Author — Hassan Sabrah


I just ate at this place the other day, that big mike burger is one of the best burgers I’ve had in my life. This place isn’t cheap tho, the big mike was $13, just the burger alone. That might be fine if you’re alone but this place gets pricey for a family.

Author — MynameisEpinephrine


Happy to see Eater in Montreal! Thanks for visiting!

Author — Xavier Paquin


Yo casse-croute is a real thing?! Just thought it was a part of the French curriculum lol

Author — Ria Rayappan


You reading this comment, go to PICKS on St-Catherine/St-Marc

Author — sk8er37THPS


4:49 "We're having a pouTINE" 5:23 "in the p o u t e e n"

Author — J Espinola


I ate at Chez Tousignant, and I appreciate the remix but there's no beating the classic Poutine and Montreal Hot Dog. Try Chez Claudette (My favorite for a poutine and steamie combo) or any Belle Province for those two, and the Montreal Pool Room, and Restaurant AA and Green Spot in St Henri, and la Pataterie in Hochelaga, and even Mont Royal Hot Dog on the Plateau and Décarie Hot Dog in St Laurent, even if they've gotten pricey.

Author — LexMan89


I'm just about to book a trip to Montreal!! just in time. Au Revoir Toronto, Bonjour Montreal!

Author — Amélie Zh


When he sits down with the poutine it sounds like he's pronouncing it "putain!"

Author — SmokoInTokyo


Big Mike seems like such a good guy & had his back catalog of Dining on a Dime episodes down pat. Great to see a chef being a fan of Lucas' Academy and Tony award winning work.

Author — Alex Shaffer


This is the type of reviewer I like. No exaggerated reactions, just an honest and precise description o the food.

Author — Cragscleft


"good dog"

now i know why the real dog called 'good boi'

Author — Rich Richie


I’ve been here a few times, it’s really tasty but definitively not dining on a dime! You’re easily spending 20 for just a trio

Author — valf156115


Lived in Quebec for summer school and they have best cheese curds...Kwick Kwick cheese curds from the Basque region. They squeak a lot

Author — wonderstars


Will def head there soon! J'avoue que le Big Mike a l'air écoeurant xD

Author — Shinzu Music