Banksy publishes video detailing auction stunt plan

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Banksy publishes video detailing auction stunt plan 4.5
The anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has published a video detailing how he installed a shredder into the frame of one of his best-known works, Girl With Balloon.

The piece was the final item in an auction at Sotheby's in London on Friday night and its sale price equalled the artist's previous auction record of £1.04m. Just moments after it was sold the piece self-destructed

The Guardian YouTube network:

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Ppl don't realize that when a painting goes for millions, the artist usually sees none of that because it's being resold.

Author — Vitopa13


I don't even care who he really is, I just think he's a cool dude.

Author — gigi giggio


Should've put in a cross shredder so it turned it into confetti pieces. It's probably gonna be worth even more now that it wasn't completely destroyed and still frame-able.

Author — TomTucker


He does know how to keep it interesting, doesn’t he...

Author — Burdie Birdie


Nice move banksy art is for all not the elite

Author — Rob Maiers


The mark of a true genius. Thanks for putting the very notion of value in art into question. You are doing what every artist is supposed to be doing, that is putting the world into question.

Author — Jesus Didnt Exist, No Proof, Look It Up


Blades wrong way around to Spontaneous combustion works a treat. Don't believe the hype on this stunt though

Author — Meat Claw


I want to see how they explain. the blades cut in that position.

Author — David Rios


They knew. Beeping means a bomb. Not ‘hey let’s grab the frame.’

Author — EE RG


Joke is on him, someone is still going to buy it and say he bought the "final form" of the art piece.

Author — John Johnson


1) The blades are facing the wrong way.
2) Shredders don't even use fixed blades like that because it wouldn't work.
3) Sotheby's wouldn't miss a shredder built into the frame with wide entrance and exit slots.

The "behind-the-scenes" video is nonsense and either Sotheby's was in on it or they are incompetent idiots who shouldn't be handling high-end artwork.

Author — Reckless Ted


The look of the guy on the phone when it's starts shredding 😂🤣

Author — Jair Canada


i dont understand. the blades are all facing one way, flat. how did it shred the painting?

Author — tom tom


Basky, buys himself and destroys only por viral publiciti

Author — ADROO


Imagine if someone purchases a UFO 🛸 illegally than it will self destruct out of “Enemy Hands”.

Author — Justin Gamino


Shouldn’t the blades be faced so they can cut the paper?

Author — Elin Winblad


HAMPARTE. Esto es un teatrillo malo. Vaya tontería se ha marcado el ''antisistema'' este.

Author — Manuel GM


I wouldn't put his art on my walls, but I think he's the best and most innovative artist since the 1970s. Besides, his work was never meant for indoors. The only 'merchandise' I've ever seen Banksy sell is from The Walled Off Hotel. He does not copyright or claim rights to reproduce his work, all merchandise you see is from others just using his images for profit. Name another artist or dead artist who's family doesn't protect images with an army of lawyers. He also doesn't have any social media accounts, only a minimal website. I admire Banksy as much as the true masters, because he is one.

Author — alpha java


Banksy is brilliant... always a step ahead of the norm.

Author — Gennaro Sambuco


That's a history made. The painting that shredded itself.

Author — Jwalanda Pariyar