Banksy publishes video detailing auction stunt plan

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Banksy publishes video detailing auction stunt plan 4.5
The anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has published a video detailing how he installed a shredder into the frame of one of his best-known works, Girl With Balloon.

The piece was the final item in an auction at Sotheby's in London on Friday night and its sale price equalled the artist's previous auction record of £1.04m. Just moments after it was sold the piece self-destructed

The Guardian YouTube network:

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Ppl don't realize that when a painting goes for millions, the artist usually sees none of that because it's being resold.

Автор — Vitopa13


I don't even care who he really is, I just think he's a cool dude.

Автор — gigi giggio


He does know how to keep it interesting, doesn’t he...

Автор — Burdie Birdie


Should've put in a cross shredder so it turned it into confetti pieces. It's probably gonna be worth even more now that it wasn't completely destroyed and still frame-able.

Автор — TomTucker


Nice move banksy art is for all not the elite

Автор — Rob Maiers


The mark of a true genius. Thanks for putting the very notion of value in art into question. You are doing what every artist is supposed to be doing, that is putting the world into question.

Автор — Jesus Didnt Exist, No Proof, Look It Up


1) The blades are facing the wrong way.
2) Shredders don't even use fixed blades like that because it wouldn't work.
3) Sotheby's wouldn't miss a shredder built into the frame with wide entrance and exit slots.

The "behind-the-scenes" video is nonsense and either Sotheby's was in on it or they are incompetent idiots who shouldn't be handling high-end artwork.

Автор — Reckless Ted


So many butthurt people in this comment section.

1. Yes, the batteries could of lasted this long. (If they didn't, they've probably been replaced).
2. I believe the auction house might of been in on it (As people have pointed out, it does look like the auctioneer pressed a button at around 00:40. If he didn't, the auction house may have checked the painting prior to sale anyway).
3. The blades cut both ways.
4. You didn't see a clip of the completed frame, you don't know how it works. (You can guess, but you don't know 100%).
5. The angle at which the paper goes through the 'shredder' makes a difference.
6. If you don't like it, then fair enough. He didn't make it for you. But that doesn't mean it isn't art.
7. It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Just because you don't think it's worth £1million and can't handle jealousy, doesn't make it worthless.
8. Just because you don't know the identity of Banksy, doesn't make him a corporate monster.
9. Yes, the art piece really did get shredded.

Автор — The Fake News Frog🐸


I want to see how they explain. the blades cut in that position.

Автор — David Rios


The shredding is totally fake! The portion above the frame, before it gets shredded, and the strips coming out of the bottom dont register. The painting, has probably been rolled up into the bottom of the frame; and precut shredded strips unrolled from within.

Автор — sdm465


Blades wrong way around to Spontaneous combustion works a treat. Don't believe the hype on this stunt though

Автор — Meat Claw


Joke is on him, someone is still going to buy it and say he bought the "final form" of the art piece.

Автор — John Johnson


A viral (probably orchestrated with Sothebys help) stunt Banksy has done to keep himself 'relevant'. Yawn.

Автор — Alastair Watchman


This really smacks of collusion, banksy has turned into the very thing he started out ridiculing a farce.

Автор — Broomehall


i dont understand. the blades are all facing one way, flat. how did it shred the painting?

Автор — tom dean


Riiight, so how was it triggered and how was it powered? Are you telling me the battery power for the shredder lasted "for a few years"?

Автор — Andrew


They knew. Beeping means a bomb. Not ‘hey let’s grab the frame.’

Автор — EE RG


The auctioneer pushes a button, I'm pretty sure of it

Автор — davefilms345


Shouldn’t the blades be faced so they can cut the paper?

Автор — Elin Winblad


Everything Banksy does is fake in someway or other. Just as this video is fake, the blades are facing the wrong way, how's that supposed to work?

The frame is huge, the workings of a small domestic shredder would easily fit in the edge, fit a 12V motor and it may be possible. But think also that the device has to power a receiver for 3 of more years, there are ways of saving power, but 3 years? Hmm. I am not saying it can't be done, but there are easier explanations.

My guess is that this is an inside joke, the seller and the auction house were all in on it with the artist, maybe even fresh batteries were fitted just before the sale.

Автор — Donald Sayers