Biker gets SHOT after kicking car mirror in road rage incident

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Biker gets SHOT after kicking car mirror in road rage incident 5
Gabriel Rego, 38, got into a heated exchange with the off-duty cop as he felt he cut him off. The biker kicks out before speeding off only to slump to the floor moments later with a bullet in the back. The victim screams 'I'm going to die' and was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. He may never walk again.

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shooter was charged with attempted murder then found innocent by jury because biker came back around at him in threatening manner etc.... biker could have just kept on going...

Author — rob hooper


play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Author — digitalsaint2040


Turns around "this is gonna be great! I will kick off his mirror and get a nice vid for youtube" gets shot "how could this happen? Turns out he did make an awesome vid lolol

Author — QapNPoo


Is that a little girl i hear franky?? what happened to the tough guy that kicked in my mirror.

Author — RaisingTheBarzTV


Yup wish this would happen to all these lil biker punks who think laws of the road dont apply to them.

Author — Josh Coe


He'll have to retire his motorcycle and join a wheelchair gang.

Author — giantpune


Driver has protection under the "Had it coming" law.

Author — YouStupidBunny


Don't start none and there won't be none.

Author — Aidan Briones


This is the result of someone thinking their feelings matter. Guy got butthurt, instead of continuing on his way he turns around and gets shot in the spine.

Author — A Lot of People Say What's That It's Fat Pat


He went back to look for problems and found a problem in his back

Author — Pits n Pistols


"He may never walk again" kick a mirror again.

Author — Thrift Geek


Lmao, at first he acts like the most brave man, then he becomes a little girl.

Author — Uragan5


before getting shot he said "F you, do you know me ? do you know me? dont worry i will get you"

Author — Fuel Fire Desire


when you play with fire, expect to be burned

Author — Ace of Spades


That poor, innocent car mirror! I hope it's ok and makes a quick recovery.

Author — RaxuRangerking


Biker starter pack. Kick car mirror when angry.

Author — Mohamad Anas


What I love the most about this is the fact that the car didn't even get in his way in the first place.


Author — Youtubehasaids


I've never been so happy to see karma come back

Author — Panda 730S


Damn, that guy couldn't flee fast enough after kicking that wing mirror. What a coward.

Author — Golden Soul


I don't need to understand them to know he could have just gone his own way. But no, he turned around to get into an argument in order to get the other guy to insult him enough to justify him kicking off the mirror. That was a life changing decision.

Author — Bakalakalajihad