Makita UK DWD181ZJ Wall Scanner

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LED job light
High detection accuracy
Full-colour display: indicates object position, depth and more on a large 4.1 inch screen
Indication of detection status: The presence of object is indicated visually and acoustically
Control panel with power button, detection mode change and setting button
Powered by either 14.4 or 18V LXT Li-Ion battery
Multi-detection mode: up to 3 detection results can be displayed on a split screen at a time
Laser guide: emits laser lines to indicate the vertical centre of the sensor and the axis of the scan direction
Scene mode selection ( Dry concrete / Wet concrete / Partition mode / Radar view mode)
IP54 Dust and Drip proof design

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I'm sure the technology on this instrument is very good, the price I cant justified it but I believe the user interface can be much easier to read with that very nice display, the display is a beauty but there is way more cheaper scanners with a way cheaper display and it is much easier to see, recognized, identify what we see on their very basic
calculator display.

I am trying to give my honest opinion because I love this brand and believe in it!

I am a big Makita fan, all my power tools are Makita and my next power tools will also be Makita. Keep up the good job guys!

Author — yobryan88


Thank you for the video my friend.Very impressive tool.

Author — giotishellas


Does anyone have a clue if this would work for locating rafters thru a roof?

Author — Thomas M


Can you scan for studs through stucco or hardy board?

Author — flipwarrior


I would've expected a much better display and colour coding, and even better screen (a $100 phone has better screens than this) I'm really disappointed with that, I don't need it for concrete which seems the main feature of this tool... but honestly, there are scanners that you attach to your phone that give a better picture of whats behind a wall.

Author — Naiemaa


I had the Bosch unit it used to beep at everything behind a wall never knew what was what. I would love a scanner that actually sees through, up to 1” of gyprock! And it literally said cable, stud pipe, think these are still at the guessing stage! For now I will stick to my £4 drill bit to let me know what is behind the wall 🤪 everyone like a gamble eh!!

Author — Vw_Mods_


Had this and returned it. It will not tell you what it detected in drywall or any other material just shows object and depth. In drywall it only shows radar mode so wave forms that sorry I have no idea and don't wanna know. Bit harsh but at £1k I hoped for more. It does find rebar absolutely spot on and out of the 3 I tested Bosh and Hilti The Makita was teh best in my opinion. What let's it down is the size its huge

Author — Seb's Repairs


I use a Bosch roller scanner and this looks similar but a different graphical interface.

Author — cheechU38K


Price of that thing is absolutely great :)

Author — Ахриман стоппер


Didn’t dewalt sell one of these for 300 bucks a few years back?

Author — Benjamin Romshak


Never mind making things like this we want a cordless 1/2 router making.

Author — Robbie


How does it go through tile? Specifically if it was a partition wall, fibre board sheeting then tile on top

Author — wearsjorge55


Hey Steve - nice presenting, hope you are well

Author — Annette Wren


Can it detect live/ not live wires? Can it detect pipes? Does it work on concrete blocks wall the same as reinforced wall?
Need more information when you spend this kind of money.

Author — Eliad Buchnik


Could it be used to scan for metal in wood?

Author — John Krakatoa


Can it be used to detect pipes and wires on flooring?

Author — Omar Robert De Luna


Let Project Farm use it and "we're gonna test that"

Author — Ridan Lukita


Junge junge ist das Teil riesig 🤣
Sowas tut sich kein Handwerker an

Author — Marcus


Why not use Lidar and better screen... Better to increase the price and actually have sales than to half ass it and nobody buys it so you end up losing money...

Author — Julio Czar


But you didn’t even show the other side of the drywall to prove the tool was correct? Who directed this rubbish video?! C’mon blokes!!

Author — Ryan James