Automatic Sweeper from CDRKING

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Take a look at the Stark automatic sweeper from CDRKING. An alternative to manual sweeping or a vacuum cleaner.

Inside you'll find a small DC motor, charge controller and Ni-Cd battery.

As a sweep, it pretty much sucks. It's probably one of the worst and most overpriced items I've ever bought from CDRKING.

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This product was the straw that broke the camels back. The last couple of 'new product' batches sourced by CDRKING have been a big disappointment. High prices and super low quality. That's why I took a break from making cdrking related videos and even stopped going to the stores.

Author — Gadget Addict


before i buy anything from, CdR-king. I watch your review first. you're a big help. More reviews. Thanks.

Author — paulo blanco


LG's Vac cleaners even have issues with their agitators all the time, second to their hepa filters, what more can CDRKing do about that, once broken not easily replaceable. Thanks for sharing.

Author — internetcafenexus


They took a page right out of Steve Jobs... "You're holding it wrong!" 😜

Nickel Cadmium is susceptible to "memory effect". That's old technology right there. You are right, an 18650 would have been a better choice.

Author — Jason Tan


You're right! My hair could defeat that sweeper in less than an hour. :D

Author — jazolivia


i really like your channel.. you try those gadgets that people in our area..will mostly buy/ or what is available

Author — Projectsleepover Orthdox


Since it uses a brush instead of suction, they should have just discarded the motor and let 2 rollers/wheels spin the brush. That way they could then price it fairly at 99 pesos.

Author — Boy Dagul


It sucks!...Straight to the point!...I love it!...haha!

Author — BigBadSpikey


You really know how to open all those thing

Author — Soleh Kamarulazizi


hey gadget addict where do you buy from cd r king what street?

Author — Gregory Arizala


cdr king should change their name brand called bluray king

Author — Joshua Kun


lols, ill just use walis tambo instead....😂

Author — Jed Teng


No turbine only sweep and poor at that.

Author — AD Electronic Teardowns


that's what happen when tony stark left the company to pepper ... he should'nt be iron man ... i still remember tony stark building weapons, those are the days

Author — Raspberry Fury


Query. At 3:50 are we to understand this only intended to be used by females? :D

Author — JonathanSwiftUK


on the thumbnail you ask does it suck? my answer is no.... it sweeps :D

Author — tan hock jun