[Payday 2] Death Wish - Big Bank (Solo Stealth)

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Big Bank
Death Wish Difficulty
Solo Stealth


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I've just spent 50 minutes watching someone I've never heard of play a game I've never played or had an interest in (although now I do), well done sir also I love your voice and mannerisms

Author — TechTerra


"Why is the vault open and all the money missing? And that armed man with a mask carrying a big bag on his back? Oh, he's gone. I'm sure it's nothing" ~Guards

Author — steeledminer616


"I've happen to notice there's always a guard that dosen't move in this area."

"Guards are dispatched to investigate broken cameras, but sometimes the guard assigned to investigate will be in the vault area of the bank. Since that guard has no path to the camera, it causes him to go stationary, which is why sometimes there will be stationary guards in the vault area at seemingly random locations."

Author — Teknikal_Domain


Abraham Lincoln once said:
"This will be placed as requested"

Author — Valerie Aust


4:30 some incredible typing skills you have there Chains.

Author — The Zylo


[Meanwhile when Houston and Wolf were doing a stealthy Big bank heist...]
Bain: "Dont ask me where I got that thumb."
Wolf: Hey Bain, where did you get that thumb?
Houston: Don't act thumb, Wolf.

Author — Cpt. Sourcebird


You are one of the best youtubers that i have seen who still plays Payday 2

Author — Ryan Wilkinson


You genuinely seem like a very nice and funny, as well as amazing, player. Its rare to come across V-100's who are like yourself. I was laughing as much as I was gawking at how smoothly you did this. Well done!

Author — Quiet Gamer


did anyone else notice this heist address. Its 1500 Pen.
Thats the address you find in framing frame when your stealthing and bain says: "1500 Pen, Maybe we go there for our next big score".

Author — my dixie rekt


"Hey what's this armed dude breathing down my back doing? Hey someone is running a hack on my pc. Well better pretend to be working" -Neil Degrass

Author — Superjig


4:30 I just imagine chains reaching from the back of the chair pushing buttons and the guy is like: Welp just a regular wednesday.

Author — ThyWaffl3


The stars practically aligned for me when I did this. I didn't have to go to the cubicles and hack anything, and no guards came from the elevators. Praise RNGesus.

Author — Libertarian Pasta


I find it hilarious how towards the end that civ was like a jack in the box and you just panicked and sent him flying xD

Author — Kyle


Good Guy Neil deGrasse Tyson. Sees you hacking, doesn't call you out.

Author — botmaster5



"This will be placed as requested" ~ Abraham Lincoln

Author — Magicians Everywhere


Was waiting to see how you'd tackle this! Impressive work! The vid probably would've been another 20 - 30 minutes had you picked for the remaining loot xD my normal route is Elevator Trick, Keycard and either an extra set of body bags or the Time Lock glitch. The AC unit is a good spot for civs, I'll have to try that. I've solo stealthed this a few times myself and man, time consuming and nerve wracking!

The elevator civs, guards, and managers are the only normal people who go to the Manager's area, so once they're dealt with, that area is cleared.

I have also noticed Detection has been a bit wonky since the update.

Author — DarrienGameFox


man rewatching all your stealth vids again after not playing the game myself for like 6 months is very refreshing and enjoyable hope you revisit this game from time to time on new things :D

Author — Crimson Reaper


This is amazing! I had a wonderful time watching your guide! Thank you!

Author — rdiscane


I feel like the "huxhud" is not as cool as the "original" circle,
I feel the circle is so much more satisfying!

Author — Imanka Moon Saphire


FYI: You can use keycards to get rid of the lasers (there are usually 2 in the first part of the mission(before the time lock door)

1 for the horizontal laser
1 for the vertical
you insert them next to the door (the 2 thingies)

Author — Vastrix