The Most Unique Dart I Have Ever Seen! Loxley Robin 21g 90% Tungsten Darts Review

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I have never ever seen a dart like this! I recently purchased a set of darts from Loxley who are an independent darts manufacturer local to me here in the UK. I was very impressed by the quality of their products. In this video, I am going to be reviewing their famous Robin darts that are shaped like an arrow! Unfortunately due to popular demand, these darts are out of stock but they can be pre-ordered from the below links!
Link to the Robin pre-order page:

Take a look at Loxley's fantastic products here:

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💬 Comments

First time viewer. I really liked your review of these darts. I just got a set of them in the mail yesterday which I had preordered some time ago. The divot on the barrel does help me to repeat my grip on the dart easily. I also really like the looks of them. One more thing I like the way you have your camera set up for your dartboard. It allows me to see the flight of the dart before it hits the board. Great job. You now have a new subscriber.

Author — Bert Hurst


In my opinion, its a great smooth dart with great inspiration from Robin, good design but i cant throw with smooths

Author — Quinten Onbekend


I've a set of modified darts that are similar in shape to the Robins. I use them with small stems and small flights, they're super fast. Either way I've ordered some Robins to make a comparison. I do love this shape, crazy grouping too.

Author — Andy Roberts


Who the hell thumbs down on this? Anyway... Great video, sir...I'm across the pond awaiting my pre-ordered set of these darts. Looking forward to them.

Author — Aaron H


We don't mind reviews! I'm just happy to see some new content from you

Author — Andreas Olsen


Great video mate. Weird design! They look like they would deflect miles!

Author — Darts Class


Great video bud, don’t think they are for me, they end up slipping out my hand and end up on the floor 😁

Author — Neil’s Darts


Good vid bud! Enjoyed that! Eager to try them myself!

Author — marc kerr


What you sayin Ross. Beautiful dart. Going to try and get my hands on a set. Great vid. Keep it up bro

Author — aaron casey


Im loving the I really don't care about my facts attitude. Basically I said it so thats good enough for me. Love it, reminds me very much of some of my content haha

Author — Matthew Edgar


Great video mate 👍 Just placed my pre-order

Author — Ben Martin


Will you be showing us your current match darts?

Author — Stephan Raab


Loved watching this great video! Funny too!

Author — Adam White


Robin Hood was also known of Robin of Loxley so it makes sense

Author — Marco's World


Nice to see they ain't Robin you on the price 🤪🤩

Author — Diamond Guitarist


It seems that these darts are to be added to a collection & not really a match dart?

Author — guy Oh hey