Aung La N Sang vs. Brandon Vera | ONE Full Fight | October 2019

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Aung La N Sang vs. Brandon Vera | ONE Full Fight | October 2019 4.5

Aung La N Sang did the unthinkable, knocking out heavyweight king Brandon Vera in the second round of an incredible finale to ONE: CENTURY PART II in Toyko. It wasn't easy, as the two warriors traded leather over the course of two rounds, but the two-division ONE World Champion walked out of the Ryogoku Kokugikan as two-division ONE World Champion.

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i respect brandon for accepting his defeat. He's a scary fighter! props to both. Love from myanmar.

Author — MuffinRick


Vera-too old, out of gas
Aung lang - young and got a concrete chin
Still proud of my kababayan
Congrats both fighters but the real winner's here is the fans

Author — choy Babia jr


10:55 Me when i know that my wife is watching me 😂🤣

Author — Netizen


That fight was awesome, congratulations to both fighters.

Author — Adville747


Aung la fighting traditional Lethwei💪💪

Author — Wai Phyo


Congrats for both fighters.. But i was amazed how brandon vera react when it was announced sang as the winner.. We pinoys are great in sportmanship we accept defeat and we learned from it..

Author — Marlon Lozada


Brandon Vera almost damage the face of Aung La ...

Aung La knows how strong Brandon Vera Is ....
But He Knows the weakness of Vera "Stamina"

Author — Cedie Mina


Love this 2 fighter, look at the respect from Vera to Aung... 👍 sportmanship

Author — Vincent Tiong


wow that was a great fight. and a brotherly hug activate our same root. congrats to Aung La and his beloved country. greetings from Mindanao Philippines

Author — Dark Side


verry2 best fight..2 fighter good job, but Aung be best..congrats..👍

Author — Indra Hidayat


brandon needs to stop going down to light heavy. that became his problem also when he's still in ufc.

Author — wicked geekvape


Philippine News TV shows are silent about this match as if this didn't happened.

Author — Mhoadiev de la Paz


Congratulation Aung La. You're the best.we love you. <3

Author — Tomato Sydney


Eu virei fã do Aung La ele e um grande guerreiro parabéns ele nunca desiste da vitória um verdadeiro campeão.

Author — Beatriz Terra


Great....fight I love both Brandon Vera and aung la warriors respect???

Author — Casey Threesuns jr


A rematch at Heavyweight would be crazy 🔥

Author — Pizza Burger oder Pasta?


That elbow by Aung la 👍
Burmese pride 🇲🇲💛

Author — Ra Ra Rang


Im so happy for aung la win the match but still respect to vera and im a one of his fan as well. Great fight and love the both fighters from Myanmar.

Author — cherry cherry


Brandon should be running with pacquiao so he will have superb stamina. 😁 Still a good fight. I thought Brandon have the fight already.

Author — Andrew Ludovice


Brandon is a heavyweight and loosing weight to meet the light heavyweight limit took its toll on him in terms of strength, speed, stamina and endurance.

Author — marcos bruce Manguerra