Brushless Motor - How they work BLDC ESC PWM

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Author — The Engineering Mindset


I’ve been flying fpv and racing rc cars for years….and i never knew exactly how this worked. You explained this sooo easily i fully get it now thank you!!

Author — KiddFpv


Great video. I was wondering if this circuit setup with the three half bridges applies to both trapezoidal and sinusoidal commutation or if something else is used for sinusoidal commutation?

Author — Justin Buksa


All that engineering for 5USD including shipping, thanks China!
Great video :)
I never managed to see the way of rotation with he "beeps" from the ECS, the datasheet says it's to know the battery strings number (it works from 2S to 4S so 2 to 4 "beeps").

Author — Incroyables Expériences


Thank you very much for your valuable explanation on this topic😃😘🙏
I have now learned how to set up a brushless motor with a potentiometer and arduino🎚🖥️

Yousef From IRAN🇮🇷
with the wish the best for you❤️

Author — sayyed yousef mousavi


The animation and breakdown of all the working components are extremely well done. Thank you for sharing

Author — KorTrinity


I have been slowly learning basic electronics for years. Your simple video has taught me more about DC motors in the past 15 minutes than I've learned in years. Thanks.

Author — Nathaniel Wildebuer


This video was REALLY great! Perfect explanations as usual, so good in fact that I'm pretty sure people of any experience level would learn at least one thing from it!

Author — The Cheaterman


This video was REALLY great! Perfect explanations as usual, so good in fact that I'm pretty sure people of any experience level would learn at least one thing from it!

Author — cryzz0n


You really explained this well. Few people appreciate how fascinating this science really is. The tiniest little motor I have seen is in my drones. Amazing, and far superior to the larger, brushed motors in my other drones. Conversions to E-bikes are one of the best ways to learn the concepts of brushless motors. Of course, dealing with DIY robots, these motors have their uses, along with their cousins the servo motors. I have been playing around with these things for years, but when someone asks me to explain whats going on inside, I can never do it properly. You have been a great help to me, and thank you.

Author — Leo Kricov


I really enjoy things like this. You have a great way of explaining things. Back when I was growing up we did not have the internet most definitely did not have computers. None of that stopped me from learning on how things work.

At that time radio shack was a great place to find things that helped you to learn about electronics. They had different type of electrical kits that you put together and it explains what each part did.

Every year they used to come out with a catalog and from that I could find different components and build things from scratch.

As I was getting older my attention turned to other places. For a very long time I never messed around with electronics. All that changed about 10 years ago. I broke my back and I started looking for things I could do to keep me occupied and I made my way back to electronics. Of course everything is completely different than it was when I were growing up.

I really enjoy your videos I have been a subscriber for a good bit of time and always enjoy watching new videos.

Looking forward for watching your next video.

Author — David frank


My first experience with a brushless DC motor came in 1978 when I built a floppy disc controller. The head positioning mechanism was driven by a brushless DC motor called a stepper motor. I can step the motor at a constant rate, or I could step the motor with acceleration, negative or positive. Steppers are marvelous devices that can accomplish things you couldn't do with a standard DC motor. For instance, you could hold the motor in a very specific position over a given track, and you can't do that with a standard DC motor. If you energize one coil it will lock the head in place and it will not move in or out.

Author — Ben There


In scale models I see often these BL motors. It would be nice to make a short part 2 for the innerrunner motors and sensored units used in scale crawlers and drift cars. Would help the RC community.

Author — connectorxp


The more i watch engineering mindset, the more i am convinced "its complicated" just means "I'm not smart enough to explain it"

Not a single video on this channel is complicated or hard to understand and i love this channel for that reason

Author — skyler bowerbank


in 80s back in ussr my dad used to bring such small motors home from his work at the airport. I always wondered why they were so different from the usual dc motors and why they had this rotating metal cup inside.

Author — 日猫


Just stumbled upon your channel whilst searching for information relating to relays and now I can't get enough. The lessons are clear, detailed, concise and easy to understand if you pay close attention. Love your content mate, cheers and keep up the good work! 👍🏼

Author — Darkus Aurelius


Very informative! I have a brushless motor on my Lowrance Ghost trolling motor. It’s noticeably more powerful and efficient than the old brushed motor I used previously.

Author — KlingerNOK


This is such a well detailed yet easy to understand video. Masterpiece!

Author — Zach Ross


This is so well detailed, that I understood almost everything from the first go. Thank you!

Author — Kos Ddsky


I haven't seen a more organized and well explained videos about electronics than this channel.
Good work!

Author — R4K45H1