Anunnaki Documentary 2018 Are The Gods Still Here on Earth?

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The debate has been raging about the Anunnaki - not whether they exist - nor whether they have been to Earth - as the evidence of them being here is so overwhelming. The debate is whether they are still here today. The Anunnaki had bases around the world, but primarily in the Middle East - Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Iraq - and in India and South Africa. There are many artifacts that still exist in Iraq but are not allowed to be seen, and the West has not had much access at all to these artifacts of the Anunnaki. It is possible they are hoarded in private vaults under the ground.

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Good video about who we are and how we came to be. All of the other civilizations that we have read about seem to have bits and pieces of the Annunaki legends and history attached to them. Everybody bored and pieced together seemingly endless myths about their origins. However, this seems to be the age of truth and it is going to be hard to lie to us about our origins. To me, the Annunaki legend makes more sense than any of the other religious and cultural beliefs. So I appreciate this videos view about how we came to be. The original history that we where taught just does not jive. None of it has any common sense length to it.
I believe that we are the off spring of the Annunaki and it really is not that big of a deal.
The best God's are those God's who sit back and watch their creations do what they do so well. I came, I conquered and I saw a world which I gave meaning to. I am not a God and I gladly give all of my respect to those who came before me because it is better that way.
Being a God of any kind is way to much work for me, and this is wisdom. Thank you Disclosed TV I am grateful to you for simplifying this subject matter.

Author — Dax Inventor


baghdad museum was robbed by the "elite".

Author — eevie


It's kinda funny how you present ALL of this as absolute FACT..



>>>This video is so cool it all makes perfect sense to me right now... mind you i did just smoke a giant annunaki sized joint haha

Author — Casey Darwin


If the Vatican would stop b.s. us and open the vault we know we're we all came from and it would probably help end a lot of hatred and racism just my opinion but I think we all derive from one type being

Author — warr chyld


Yes THEY are here but they are not GODS. They are advanced entities. God is a trinity of potential creation, spiritual mind deciding to create and actual physical "BEING" simultaneously existing and creating as one. If that sounds complicated its because it is and that's why religions just tell you what you want to hear instead. Most people are not capable of comprehending true reality so we end up being held hostage on this Plane Of Existence recycling our souls over and again and working like a huge battery for these entities to feed off of. Like keeping huge mason jars full of fireflies to use as lighting in your house.

Author — Guided Meditation


This video is packed with misinformation, mispronounced words and half truths if you go by Sitchin, Gerald Clark and many other Sumerian text translators including the translator on the

Author — Johnny jr


That was the biggest pack of lies I've heard in a long time.

Author — the rooster


The logic of this video comes from way too many drugs and public education🤣

Author — Patriot Logic


Shortly before his death, Rowdy Roddy Piper tweeted that They Live is nonfiction. Stick that in your fuse box.

Author — CrazyBear65


Did I hear at 8:52 he said melmac that's alf 's home planet.

Author — Daniel Burks


Thank you for uploading this. It is very informative. 💞🌏

Author — Elle belle


WOW! The voice of the speaker sounds like being...Anthony Bourdain!!!

Author — REN ATO


I'm guessing Ridley Scott's number one fan. ; ) be careful with those vases.

Author — Spike Loumax


Merry Christmas,
Please understand transparency includes application of TRUTH about written languages and pronunciation.
For example YHWH, can sound like Which Way of Witch Way.
ETN 🐣..

Author — Eang Thai Ngov


This is so funny that people are pissed off at this video that they chose to watch. Lmfao

Author — Dark Sharxx


No matter how much the elite try to cover! THE TRUTH Is and Will Be REVEALED and And RELIVED

Author — Avinash Pal J


It's a crime against humanity what the U.S. done to Iraq.
Tanks rolling up ancient streets destroying them.
Saddam Hussein was a lunatic yes !
However he held a lid on a tribal country which fell to pieces soon after the second gulf war and now precious human history is lost !

Author — SHANE O' Maolmhuaidh


The planet Nibiru (Babylonian Marduk) struck Tiamat, and shattered half of it, which became the Asteroid Belt (Hammered Bracelet). The other half of Tiamat was moved, and became Earth. Tiamat's moon, Kingu, was also moved with Tiamat, and is now Earth's moon. (But is our moon artificial, as some claim?)

The Nephilim were already on Earth when the "angels" came down to mate with human females. The giants they produced were NOT the Nephilim.
The gold mines were in South Africa. They hauled it to Sumer for refining.
Two trees: The Tree of Life, and The Tree of Knowledge. The serpent (Enki?) was in the Tree of Knowledge. He wanted "Man" to reproduce. Probably a mistake as Earth now has too many humans. Enlil (God) wanted to destroy the humans as they were preoccupied with fornication. We were programmed with the "wickedness of reproduction". In Genesis, "God" said, You may eat from EVERY tree. But later, the same "God"? said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you guys not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge; you die if you do." Same God, or a different God?

Since Nibiru was close to Earth, it caused many disruptions. Conveniently, there was a large ice sheet on Antarctica, floating on thawing ground. The disruption shook this sheet loose, and created a giant tsunami. "Bye bye, Man! But no. Enki instructed Noah to build a (submersible?) ark/raft to preserve the DNA of plants and animals. Enki and his half sister Ninhursag created the first human/Anunnaki hybrid (Adam/Adapa) by mixing Anunnaki blood with the "dark red clay" of Earth. These first hybrids could not reproduce. The speaker mentions the book, Enuma Elish

Yes. These folks had nuclear weapons and rocket ships. Their technology was advanced beyond our current technology. But then, it seems that our own military is hiding much from us. I believe that Enlil is ruling Earth through his NWO, globalist thugs/agents.

At 21:20 he says that Enki was known as Oannes, Ptah, Thoth. Some claim that Thoth is also known as Hermes Trismegistus who wrote the Emerald Tablets.

Info above from "The 12th Planet", Zecharia Sitchin, and from the book:
“Can You Stand The Truth? The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment”, Angeliki Anagnostou-Kalogera 2009 and 2012. Though it doesn't mention the Anunnaki.

Author — MrGruffy 44


If the humans evolved from apes, why then are there still apes?
And, If the tigers evolved from cats, why then are there still cats?
With all their superior technology they possessed, why they didn't build robots for their dirty jobs?
We were right here evolved, but not enough, and they enslaved us, playing gods!
Just like we enslaved black people to build empires..
The bad guys did that, and the good guys tried to help us.
Conclusion: There are bad and good souls everywhere in the universe!
(edit: I wrote involved instead of evolved)

Author — Kan enas