Cuomo to Trump campaign press secy: He lies and you know it

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Cuomo to Trump campaign press secy: He lies and you know it 3.5

CNN's Chris Cuomo pressed Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany when she claimed President Trump has never lied to Americans.

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remember when reporters got fired for lying? Those were the good old days.

Author — M Noneya


I don’t like these lines but I do like that I don’t lie to my audience every damn chance I get

Author — Stephen Matini


And...she was proven right. Hidden aid in warehouses and in abandoned fields.

Author — sgtcojonez


She's gonna write a book when he gets evicted

Author — R80LV


That's my boy get her Chris all she is, is damage control it's pathetic how she just deflecks everything for him just like Sarah use too until she resigned. ..very poor.

Author — Blaine E. Griffith


These silly unnecessary lies that were so easy to prove otherwise on one weekend during the 2019 G7 summit. Why do it? Why blatantly lie?

The lies about Puerto Rico: Trump tweeted that PR got 92 Billion in disaster aid …nope, Congress allocated $42.7 billion and of that $14 billion have made its way to Puerto Rico.

Trump says that PR received more money than any other hurricane recovery ….nope Katrina got 120 Billion.
PR takes FROM the US….damn it…PR is INSIDE of the US…its part of the USA!

There are consequences to these lies. People’s lives are at risk.

Trump lied to skip the Climate Change meeting because he was attending a scheduled meeting with Merkle and Modi and couldn’t make it….but the photos show Trump’s empty chair and Merkle and Modi physically present sitting in their chairs.
The Trump says that Melania has grown to know Kim Jung-un….actually it turns out that Melania has never met Kim.
He received two phone calls, two very productive calls from China at the G7 and they are very happy to meet with me….nope….China says there were NO calls. So who the fuck did Trump talk to?
And later Trump announces there is a trade deal with Japan…there is no trade with Japan. He claims that other leaders at G7 asked him why the American media covers him so badly….OH

Trump has tried to pull the wool over our eyes…..

Trump had a table of folders of his businesses going into trust. No one was allowed to look through those folders but weirdly many folders seem EMPTY.

Author — KB Peters


You have lost credibility along tine ago Cuomo
How about letting her finish a sentence, called bullying

Author — Diane Wilkinson


Why have a guest if you ask them a new question every time they try to answer something? Should have just let him sit there talking to himself.

Author — stutzceo


lets not forget, everything she said was proven to be true, the politicians were stockpiling relief funds and not distributing the money to the people who needed it

Author — sean flanagan


If he would do this in a man's face, it would be the last time he ever does it. He is just a little man, with a little man's chip on his shoulder. Nothing but a worthless punk.

Author — Michael Parcell


Just like Cuomo lied about emerging from his basement for “The first time” when he had been out in public days before that...

Author — LoneWolf78


Fredo literally lies to his audience every chance he gets.

Author — Chase Dizzie


Instead of interviewing Cuomo is playing Bully, being himself as usual. Such mediocre.

Author — jana


Fredo cuomo has "little man" complex.
CNN just settled a multi million dollar settlement with the families of two 15 year old boys who they lied about.
Think about that?

Author — Brad rawsner


I’m out, Cumo won’t even let her talk

Author — Sara Routhier


Says the guy that lied about quarantine

Author — SERODRI


I literally hate fredo....what a con artist.

Author — kelli westhoff


You don’t know what she’s talking about, which is pretty much Cuomos brain.

Author — Stephanie Ward


Cuomo does not know the meaning of the truth, , He is irrelevant.

Author — Rusky Petrovsky


Cuomo lies, and you know it. He took hydroxychloroquine.

Author — majgig