WHAT STOPS YOU FROM BECOMING A PRO 😨 | Top 10 Mistakes Beginning videographers Make 😜

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WHAT STOPS YOU FROM BECOMING A PRO 😨 | Top 10 Mistakes Beginning videographers Make 😜 5

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1. “Dutchman”
Dutch tilt is very impressive if it’s applied correctly, but if it has nothing to do with the story in your video, you’d better keep your camera angled correctly.

2. “Dirty Harry”
Greasy stains and dust on the lens will ruin any shot so even the tiniest fingerprint can be a big problem for your video.

3. ”Party animal”
It’s hard to get smooth camera move without a tripod or stabilizer, but there are some video stabilization tricks! If you have nothing within reach to help stabilize your camera, use your own clothes as a makeshift slider. OR, you can grip your camera firmly with both hands and press it against your body.

4. “Autopilot”
Auto mode does make things easier, but automatic camera settings are not always correct. They are definitely not going to work with artistic videos and vlogs. And, of course, They can spike while you’re shooting a vlog and distract your viewers from the core content.

5. ”Gandalf the White”
Overexposure and underexposure. Overlooking this parameter might mean you end up with an overly bright or dark picture. Our eyes are a unique instrument of perception but we don’t have to rely on them all the time. You can use support tools like the Histogram and Light meter to control the exposure settings.

6. “The Dark Knight”
Good lighting at least is half the battle when making any video. But truly awesome studio lights are expensive and hard to set up. That’s why you need to know how to properly use any source of light like the sun, a desk lamp, or even a fridge bulb.

7. “SlideShowman”
Everyone loves slow motion, but not every video can be slowed down smoothly. To keep the video running smoothly, the frame rate after slowing down must be at least 24 fps.

8. “Bad DJ”
You don’t have to take the first track you like from your personal playlist and try to edit an entire video around it. Your background music should harmonize with the video’s atmosphere.

9. “Reporter”
Sometimes the "Never turn your camera off!" principle doesn't work. Make a habit of filming in small chunks or separate scenes, each of which contains a single idea.

10. “Randomizer”
Nobody is expecting you to write a Tarantino-level script for your video, but your video will be much better if it’s not just a set of nice shots. A simple storyline will do so try to plan your shooting, imagine the final sequence of the scenes, camera angles, shot sizes, and so on.

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Author — Movavi Vlog


So far my biggest fail is “recording” a 20, 39 or even 40 minute video and then realize I never hit record in the first place. I’ve also recorded and then realized that another video was playing in the background of the entire thing. Ugh so frustrating. I’m a mom with little time to film so time is of the essence. I just found your channel and am interested in trying to up my editing game to make my videos more engaging. ❤️🤞😜

Author — Rebecca The Reseller


Getting Movavi was the best thing I have done for my YouTube channel. What an excellent tool it is. Thanks Barry Spain 🇪🇸

Author — All About Spain by BarryHaylor


My biggest fail was when I just started filming on my own. I just got a tripod and filmed a video with a mattress as my backdrop, but I bumped the mattress and it fell on and broke my tripod. :0 :(

Author — J Hayes


When I was filming for my YouTube Chanel and my camera fell from 6 feet from the ground and I broke the screen, luckily I was able to fix it and it’s great, I’ve been using your editor for about 5 years now and I love it

Author — Turrinchis


I did a trial video trying out the cloning technique.. it went well so i posted it on facebook... it was nice! Only i was not wearing bra... thanks to my friend.. she notified me on that. Oh! Why not pick me? 🙈🙊

Author — Spicy Chi


Greetings from Vietnam. EPIC FAILS🤔 Where do I begin. I'm going with how long it actually took me to realize to cut the BLACK BARS (if that's what they are called) from either side of my video, I just needed to hold my smartphone Horizontally not Vertically. I searched my cameras settings many many times trying to eliminate this issue. Can you say embarrassed once I figured it out. Be Well.😎👍

Author — My Road to Thailand


I always in auto mode when shot. Sometimes the quality of the video is bad. I sometimes use the magic enchance in movavi video editor to adjust the video quality/colour. My biggest fail/mistakes im not really know how to setting my digital camera.

Author — Papa & Danish


Biggest Video fail just happened TODAY!!! I was using screen cast to capture my computer screen. I did not set up the screen correctly and ended up getting on the bottom half of my screen in the video! I had filmed the while thing for 26 min before I knew what had happened....ugh. I have since learned how to get the full screen in the video. Yeah.

Author — Shelly J Cox


my Fail was that i forgot the Sun ligth and had Big shadows from my Stativ and Kamara in some scene..

Author — Tom`s Collection


I used to make this mistake of shooting from top and bottom ending up with a giant or dwarf in the video.

Author — Nithin Kumar


Can you do a video about what volume level has to set for YouTube video . Vocal and bgm

Author — Grifin Sunny


Lately my video's will not upload to youtube after 5 PM. It will load to disk, but fail to load to youtube. I have checked all the settings. If I upload the video in the morning hours, with no changes to the edited video or settings, it uploads to youtube as it should. Is this a problem with Movavi or my internet provider?

Author — Ride Like a Pro Jerry Palladino