Mike Cross - Whiskey 'Fore Breakfast

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Down Home 1/13/07

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I've been a Mike Cross fan since the late 70's....My cousins from N.C. came to visit us in Il. and brought it along for me. I was HOOKED right away.
I've done my part to build his fanbase as best I could.
Thank Mike for many years of GREAT music.

Author — @violator3162


I fell in love with Mike and his music in the early 80s when stationed at Ft Bragg. Still have all his albums and still listen and enjoy them. Great job Mike. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Author — @wcbattell


And, to this day, I would happily pay admission to a Mike Cross concert.

Author — @chrisblake1918


Mike Cross is fanatastic! I heard him many years ago ata a friends near Asheville, and had my friend record me a tape, and I still have it. It's the live one. Great muscician!

Author — @PepWan


i so love mike...i am in so cal now and he grabbed my heart at Wake Forest back in 1977. Dude is amazing, talented and hilarious. You are awesome Mr Cross!

Author — @bullboy98


Good stuff! According to Fiddler's Companion, Whiskey Before Breakfast was put together by Andy DeJarlis & Walter Flett, in Manitoba, mid-20th Century. Was popularized by Andy DeJarlis's recording.

Author — @nozecone


Mike .. u are the reason why i love music

Author — @fattyproductions


Mike Cross at The Down Home in Johnson City, TN . . . . Can't get any better! My favorite place in the world to hear music.

Author — @Wildwoodflower1


Inspiration! I'll have some in my coffee.

Author — @johnliozeris1736


I do :) i also did a video with this song in it.. :) check out re:ask a clown/warning to drunk drivers! Havent post the scotsman yet... ~HiGH HeaD JeSTeR~

Author — @highheadjester