Christmas Stereotypes

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Christmas Stereotypes 5

Christmas Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.

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Board game stereotypes:
The phone person
The eternity thinker
Early quitter
The rage monster
The sidelines loudmouth ( person who isn't playing yet rats out strategies, plays, answers etc)
Bad luck Brian
The lucky guy
The Reluctant one
The drama queen
Snarky commenter
The "roll for me please"
The Snack master
The cheater
The i don't have time guy
The couple
Bets on the game guy
Talkative Timmy
Not Fair i wasn't ready
Dr Revenge
Mr Rulebook
The Old guy
Mr Clueless
Overestimate Oswald
Comeback Connor
Tactic Addict
Cry Baby
Nervous Nelly

Let me know if i missed any
Edit: I add in the ones I missv

Author — Double Bloggers


“6 inch spacing between the bulbs”

The bulbs are social distancing.

Author — M T Salazar


Who’s watching this and it’s not even Christmas

Author — Choppa Gaming


Imagine they weren’t recording when ty went rage monster

Author — LeonPlays


Notice that Cory didn’t say Cody when he was getting the gift cards.

Author — El Dogs makeup and slime


They have so much money that they can smash a tv and it wouldn’t matter

Author — Adrian Gonzalez


Are we all going to ignore the fact that Ty RKO’d a Christmas tree?

Author — Mr. Birb


Hopefully Christmas isn't ruined by Corona this year.

Author — Ethan Oliver


Rage monster cost a lot of money, the only thing he doesn’t destroy is the manger from the bible.

Author — Miles Jackson


Haha 😂 the look on Cody’s face when he sees that coby got his kids a dog

Author — Cole Fulks


Rage monster: *Comes in
Everything in the room: My time has come

Author — DezonRubiX [GD]


5:58 You can tell Tyler is holding back laughter! 😂

Author — Best Bros


Rage monster “ that may be a little to far” breaks TV 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — 3 kids squad HD


The trash dad is so my dad and the last minute are my parents too😅

Author — Alana McArthur


Halloween Stereotypes

The Route Planner
The Scared Kid
The Lame Costume Guy
That Overdecorated House
The Rage Monster (house ran out of candy)
The Only One Piece Of Candy Guy
The Robbers
The Teenagers
The Candy Traders
The Old Guy (You ate that much candy? Candy gives you cavities, son!)
The Rich Neighborhood Traveller
The King-Size Bar Giver
The Grandma
That Neighbor
The Bragger (I got 589 and a half pieces of candy! I counted!)
The Prank Bros
The Midnight Trick-or-treater
The Starts-at-five-o'clock guy
The Sick Kid
Any other ideas?

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Here are some great replies I've seen

The Cold Kid
The Only Take One Bowl
The Sketchy Guy
The Twin Costumes
The Pumpkin Carving Master

Author — KillerSnowGoon


''the ornaments have to be 6 inches apart

me : ye they have to do social distancing

Author — Barry Katz


Watch out watch out "OH RKO MOVE OUT OF NOWHERE 4:45"

Author — Model Creo


Dad be like “how about a modern name like temporary, kids be like how about Oliver!”

Author — Branch Man


Imagine if they messed up on rage monster.

Author — Sam the Bunny


“Anyone got a pocket knife?” Me with a sword: yeah sure but the blade is a bit sharp

Author — Nate Evans