Road trip w/ SZA & Zoë Kravitz

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Zoë Kravitz and SZA discuss heartbreak in songwriting, the four "Black Girls in Music" stereotypes, and acts of radical kindness.

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they give off weird bff vibes, i would watch an indie movie with them

Author — x


This car probably smells like Coco Butter, natural hair products and heartbreak. I wish I was in that car

Author — Roy Richardson Jr.


SZA literally becomes more beautiful everytime I see her. She be evolving like a damn Pokemon.



Zoe's mom Lisa Bonet is a Scorpio, makes sense why she likes them, she was raised by the Scorpio energy.

Author — AprilPie16


Both my wives together and didn't come pick me up. ok

Author — G Jackson


zoe is like the perfect mix of her parents

Author — D A


i thought “wow they’re not wearing masks” and then i realized this was three years ago

Author — Marina Parra


"I aint never seen 2 pretty best friends" has never been more false here

Author — puddignhead


Sza talking is so different than her singing. I expected her to sound different

Author — Bonnie Landers


Something kinda rotten about all this talk about being genuine in a Ford ad. This corp will always want to monetize on any message that brings in more profits. Love these two women and what they stand for so this doesn't minimize anything for me but just saying 🙄

Author — bxbdelights


Sagittarius(like me) and Scorpio.... Sexual beings! That's why I love them

Author — KitKat 954


we need a movie w sza and Zoe as the lead bffs who are figuring out adulthood and see their friendships go from strength to strength—-

Author — liz :


Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Jesus died so that you can have everlasting life. Place your faith on Jesus. Trust Jesus.

God bless you.

Author — Ayo Olukoga


“People only mess with you when you aren’t being a hundred percent true to yourself.” If that isn’t the truth! When I was in the closet all these people speculated and pointed the finger saying I was gay and laughing about it versus now I’m out and people either just accept it or they don’t speak about it to me! Crazy how the universe works, right? Forcing us to find ourselves.

Author — T R E E


"Women working together more and being kind to each other" -

Author — Serenity


No wonder I'm so in love with her she's a Scorpio just like me .

Author — TaeTae


this made me forget that it was a commercial and that was exactly the point. Well done, Ford. And SZA and Zoe = such a dope Black women combo yesss 🙏🏽✨

Author — Ari Melenciano


So much beautiful energy in this video

Author — E. Bennu


Zoe is the perfect mix of her parents. She looks like her mom and she looks like her dad. Just SO beautiful.

Author — Indiegirl007


I feel like they are like that cousin that you always wanna be with

Author — 𝐙𝖑𝐤♡