Man In The Mirror (Epic Trailer Version) J2 Feat. Cameron The Public

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

You can also check out the radio edit as hear on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 which airs on March 6, 2014.

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Grey's Anatomy: helping me build my musical repertoire since 2005.

Author — Sam van der Walde


I'M THIS!! Just heard it on Grey's Anatomy (my damn show!!) 

Author — Tanntalizing


I've watched MJ perform this in concert and he was amazing. However, this cover version, gives me goosebumps - its haunting and I love it :)

Author — Helen Ferrante


This version is amazing ! can;t stop listing to it

Author — Efrat Daglan


greys anatomy brought me here! 😍 love this song

Author — xXLasting ClassyXx


This song is too amazing to describe... So full of emotion

Author — Rebeca G


Quelle belle découverte. Merci Grey's Anatomy. 💖💖

Author — severine paquot


Haunting version. Gave me chills. Great work :) xx

Author — jennasleepdream


Truly amazing, thank you greys anatomy for bringing me here :)

Author — Wingman20011


My wifewatches greys anatomy, and i heard this and was like oh that is amazing. I've listened to it about ten times since last night

Author — John Connell


Heard you band for the first time tonight and I loved your music!

Author — Scarlett Randolph


I don't like remakes of songs I love and this is my all-time favorite Michael Jackson song. With that said, I absolutely LOVE this dark, haunting version! I might even go so far as to say that I like it better than the original. Thank you! <3

Author — teez518


Greys Anatomy thank you, secondly if you listen to this version, you can actually hear the in depth meaning of the song. Then you can actually hear its true meaning, weather its pop or not, this beats the original. Well done

Author — Anke Boshoff


even if Man in the mirror performed by MJ is my favorite song ever, this version is amazing thanks !

Author — Nathan LOISEAU


Fell in love with this song the moment I heard it on Grey's Anatomy. 

Author — Sophia Garza


Aw hell! The ending blew me out of the water! Just close your eyes, sing along, and prepare for awe!

Author — Amanda F


This is so epic...i am sure Michael would LOVE it.

Author — HerrHaffel


can not stop listening to this, my new fave song, its amazing!!!

Author — Dannynight9


This is Great Such an amazing version of a great song! !

Author — Jessica Cortes


damn chills all though my body, this sounds epic. Always miss you Mike+)

Author — Redd Wolf