A Critique of Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Part 3

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A Critique of Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Part 3 5

Hey hey!

We are back and i'm bringing you folks a far more in depth look of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The game is Star Wars: Battlefront II (Classic)

I really have no idea how you guys will respond to this series and I am happy to respond to any criticisms or questions in the comment. I know that you are all likely to expect me to make more rage videos and I am on board with that :D just not sure how I am going about it yet.

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I figured I would have to delay this video but with small amounts of sleep, I have been editing away on it all day every day in the last few weeks and we have finally completed the project \o/ thanks again for all of you giving my stuff a chance and i'm looking forward to the future of the channel, more movies, games and of course, Star Wars.

Thanks to the dude who linked the extra Mark Hamill interview on the previous video, since I felt it was pretty damn telling and made a great addition also since it is part 3 I figured I could use a lot of the soundtrack from Episode 3, let's be fair, it kicks ass.

Author — MauLer


39:16 Man, I feel sorry for Mark Hamill. That's such a sad clip.

Author — TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music


"If you wanted Palpatine to be Reys grandfather..."
Well played, sir.

Author — 54tisfaction


Rewatching this after The Rise of Palpatine, currently laughing at the people who thought Ep 9 would make TLJ better

Author — Jorge Vilanova


"You took my investment and laughed at me for having it, you laughed at me for caring about a story you were telling", seldom have I identified with a sentence this much.

Author — Tekaine



"I imagine J.J. will make Rose stay in a coma for the rest of the trilogy because her character was as much of a waste of time as Canto Byte."

I love how close this was to the truth.

Author — Warren McGregor


"Why didn't the First Order shoot Rose?" Are you kidding? She's the best person they have! She saved the big cannon.

Author — Patrick Towey


"Why is this kind of weapon not on the first order ships?"

Episode 9: now they're on every ship!

Author — HoiPolloiNtertains


Can we talk for a minute about how absolutely incredible it is that this series has retained nearly 80% of the it's views from the first video? (as in part 1 has 2.4 million views, parts 2 and 3 each have nearly 2 million views as of writing this) I was just recently on a binge watch of Joerg Sprave's videos and one of his highest view count videos is only ~4 minutes long and is clearly labeled Part 1, with explicit mentions in the video that there is a part 2 (and the part 2 contains the inarguably more interesting stuff, the actual firing of a homemade game-of-thrones-inspired ballista!) but part 1 has 4 million views and part 2 has only 2 million. That means HALF of the people who watched the first video couldn't keep their attention in one place for FOUR MINUTES, but MauLer has kept 80% of his viewers engrossed for over five HOURS with this series. Simply excellent work, sir.

Author — lootsorrow


Poe is literally the only character to go through an actual arc and it's an arc they shouldn't be proud of. He starts as a man who is willing to do risky and borderline suicidal things to save many people, and ends as a person who gives up once it starts to look like it won't work. That's terrible. And it's developed in a realistic way. Everything that he does gets reprimanded. He does something risky to destroy a major ship, demoted. He asks for a plan since hope is dropping, dismissed. He creates a plan to disable the tracker so the resistance can escape, failed and told off for acting without permission. Causes a mutiny since the current command seems to have no plan other than to wait to die, gets informed that he's stupid for not trusting them and that they do have a plan. By the end of the movie I was amazed that he had the ability to take three steps without worrying that he would get thrown in the brig. He starts as confident, cocky, and talented, and ends as almost timid, resigned, and stupid.

Author — David Peirce


"Good question, for another time."

Some random maintenance guy on Bespin found it in a crawl space and pawned it for some liquor. Epic.

Author — LTNetjak


The dude dragged a bleeding woman for kilometers on SALT? Be merciful, just shoot her there and then.

Author — Timestreamer


"Why don't you put this tech on the star cruisers"
Me: Ooh that didn't age well

Author — Stupid Webcam


"... as much as J. J. Abrams will attempt to fix what Rian has done here, he will be unsuccessful. I can promise you that."

Rise of Skywalker: 57% Rottentomatoes Critics' Score.

Author — isleofredemption


The sad thing is... crystal foxes have never been marketed. I’d LOVE an action figure of them. Or a plushie. But they don’t exist.

Author — graytlo


1:14:45 "If I wanted Palpatine to be Rey's grandfather..."


Author — Hatsuzuki808


I agree with almost everything in this video.

Author — Lui Calibre


what's a shame is that even with all of these criticisms, there are STILL people who say: "tHe LasT jEdi isN't aS bAd as PeopLe saY."

Author — Luke Munro


Family Guy already nailed the idea of "subverting expectations." Season 2, Episode 7: "The King is Dead." In it, Peter becomes the producer/director of the play "The King and I" and basically just rewrites the entire thing absent any logical process or cognizant thought. It becomes a hodge-podge mess of a play that everyone in the town loves. He includes in it talking penguins for Anna to talk to, changes Anna to an acronym standing for "Atomic Nuclear Neo-Android" that kung-fu fights the king after resisting an attempt to confuse his programming with an "all female sex orgy." And, naturally, at the end, "Anna" conquers Siam and renames it the United States of America.


And naturally, we as the audience understand why this is funny: because no logical person would praise that kind of butchering of any IP much less a classic like "The King and I." Obviously, Peter is a moron and the people of Qahog are also morons for offering it any praise whatsoever. That's why it's funny.

But with the Last Jedi, what we have is ACTUAL real-life people offering praise for what amounts to a buffoon simply rewriting a classic IP to fit his own interpretation. Like Peter Griffin, Rian Johnson is a moron. And like the people of Qahog, if you praise this kind of writing as "brilliant" in any way, you're a moron too. In a cartoon, this is funny.

In real life, it's tragic.

Author — John Babylon


Chewie’s character was just disrespected and slaughtered

Author — The KC Suge The_KC_Suge