Spring Break 2019 / Fort Lauderdale Beach / Video #92

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Spring Break 2019 / Fort Lauderdale Beach / Video #92 4.5
Video #92 of the playlist for SPRING BREAK 2019 at Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Music by Epidemic Sound

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The goddess taking the pictures at the beginning is as sweet and beautiful as it gets.

Author — Mark Bayer


1:50 Bad editing. Somehow I believe you cut out the best part.

Author — Trespasser


Hey i love your videos. Are you using a tripod when you make these Spring Break videos? Or do you rely on the camera or lens image stabilization?

Author — mike jones


They must only 10's and up on the beach these chicks are off the chart

Author — Sean Shoemaker


HAI Girls Greetings from me from Indonesian Video # 92

Author — Deddy AG


WOW looks like fun just standing on the beach .... not

Author — diver dave


When were these videos shot...what weeks?

Author — dry509


Muy bueno realmente hermosas las chicas todas👍👏👏👏☀☀☀☀🌹💕💕💕

Author — Pedro Techera


...where the girls are in 😘Pink ..oh and the Fa99its wanna be like them🤣 pink shorts, lipstick attracting dix & maggits 💩

Author — Judge Washington


No manches pura gente bonita jajajaba

Author — Katia Azucena


اريد اعيش معكم اريد ارجع شبابي هنيئن لكم هذه الحيات السعيده حريه وسعاده ومرح

Author — E J


Que tio pá tener malos gustos, las mas buenas casí no las dejava ver..

Author — Deiner Jesús


This is the reason Florida is so behind in accepting immigrant in this country. They only hanged out with either white ppl or black ppl. They’re rarely get exposed w other races. Otherwise, the video is hot

Author — omel7