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5G Whizz - BBC Click 3.5

The future is 5G: from race tracks to connected cows on the farm. Plus a look at Chinese company Huawei's leading role in developing the technology.

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Prepare for the war to come as usually a declining empire will not die easy. Ordinary people like us will pay the highest price.

Author — DrToil


5G is a weapon, millimeter wave technology wake up people before they kill/burn our cities the prison smart cities for all who are left alive.

Author — maldivesbeauty


Just when you thought you'd be safe in the countryside...

Author — George Yres


Full Spectrum Dominance for every human being. Welcome to the New World Order. Funny how looking at the "more comfortable" life which the cows lead in this program, one can certainly see the analogy to us humans. We are also being milked and some of us are allowed to choose the level of comfort. If you think the Social Credit system is only for the Chinese, think again and if you believe that these companies/countries are competing against each other and that they represent a threat to one another you have been tricked into a narrative to further roll out more and more surveillance tools for Big Brother to control your every move.

The cyber attack will be against you and me and most probably carried out by your own government.

Author — Hear You


What about the health risks?
Do you guys even do your research or is it something you leave out for the ratings?

Author — Doom And Gloom


To make us jobless, hopeless, aimless, restless, clueless, cashless and ... useless. And for sure we will die off in no time. One by O.N.E. Than its planet for Intelligence spooks only.
If George Carlin was alive, he would surely revise his famous line into:
"They`ve got to you by the brain. Its a big boys club and you ain`t in it"

Author — kocotube01 začasni


The BBC are constantly talking to it's audience as though they are teenagers, not to mention people don't trust what they say. 5G is a military grade weapon used to destroy the health of the population, and be used to create a tightly Orwellian controlled AI surveillance system.

Author — makethelaughs


They mention distrust of Huawei but nothing about Snowdens NSA revelations of US gov spying on UK and international Networks

Author — Will Simpson


"fridge will order your groceries" Nope, nope, nope. Internet of Things can stay away from my house.

Author — DorkVania


welcome to mind control & surveillance from the day your born to the day you die. i'm afraid the Hare has gone down the Rabbit Hole. Now that they have got rid of the farm workers....hold on a minute why do we need farm owners...hold on a minute did i just hear that machine say why do we need Humans!!

Author — viz_a viz


How cute -- deep state Orwellian propaganda network selling EMF death and control grid tech.

Author — guruuDev


Funny they made it sound like the world can trust USA. US been caught with many backdoors in US made products.

Author — nonameleft1


5G is a radiation experiment and a step towards a digital prison where everything you do is tracked and censored to fit their narrative. We need to stop this

Author — jthmastermind


Big brother surveillance pure and simple. Did they ask anyone? You can keep it as far as I'm concerned.

Author — WoodyJim


Do not sell this 5 G it is dangerous for live and health, it is a weapon to kill you slowly.

Author — videosphere


It’s funny how every contry is worried about Huawei and the Chinese government but any of them cares about Cisco and Uncle Sam

Author — Renato C


She speaks of 5G being equivalent to going to Mars as if that’s already a thing in a matter of clicking a button to book a flight! Marketing at a whole new level! And if the Chinese don’t exploit 5G tech, someone else, likely to be the Americans or the Brits (or both) will bound to, so drop the moral high ground! The reality is, western countries are and have been conspiring to bolster the Orwellian world exactly through existing comm technologies. Why do you think the recent European data protection law (which is every bit of the conspiracy) was passed?

Author — Maicho


Nothing about the dangers of 5G, or the frequencies to children, this can be found on US government health website... propaganda to the max here... there have been next to no tests on the effects at the basic DNA level

Author — Ade2Bee


NO HEALTH IMPACT featured - You don’t care do you BBC??? This is all nonsense, sweet talking the viewer into an execution chamber.

Author — One Naismith


Opening minute was misleading. 3G and 4G data masts aren't miles away on top of hills like the one shown. In cities and residential areas they're every few hundred meters away. They look like fat streetlights without a light.

Author — MJA 2