ELO - The Way Life's Meant To Be

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ELO - The Way Life's Meant To Be 5


The fifth track on the Electric Light Orchestra album Time.

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How meta is this track? about a dude singing about being in the future, wanting to be back in 1981, the year in which the track was actually written, and now, the dude is actually in the future, and probably wishing he was back in 1981. Crazy track this, love every bar of it.

Author — Jason Coleridge


Well I came a long way to be here today
And I left you so long on this avenue,
And here I stand in the strangest land
Not knowing what to say or do.
As I gaze around at these strangers in town,
I guess the only stranger is me,
And I wonder, yes I wonder, is this
The way life's meant to be
Although it's only a day since I was taken away
And left standing here looking in wonder,
The ground at my feet maybe it's just the old street
But everything that I know lies under,
And when I see what they've 
Done to this place that was home,
Shame is all that I feel,
And I wonder, yes I wonder, is this
The way life's meant to be.
Too late, too late to cry, the people say,
Too late for you, too late for me
You've come so far, now you know everything
My friend
Just look and see the wonders of our world
As I wander around this wreck of a town
Where people never speak aloud
With its ivory towers and its plastic flowers
I wish I was back in 1981
Just to see your face, instead of this place
Now I know what you mean to me,
And I wonder, yes I wonder, is this
The way life's meant to be.

Author — Ciudad


This was, in my opinion, their best album.

Author — john miller


ELO - Eine der besten Bands aller Zeiten. Ohne Zweifel eines der schönsten Lieder, die die Musik der 80er unsterblich gemacht haben!!! 🎶💖🎶

Author — my melody


Amazing how this song never made No1, and how this group is so underrated, Time is the greatest Album of all time in IMHO

Author — ELBOW


Jeff Lynne finally made it to the Rock`n Halle of fame. Jeff Lynne you deserved it so much.

Author — Christian Fletcher


I am 67 years old and I have hundreds of pieces of music on every format except wax cylinders. ELO "TIME" is way out in front as the best recording I ever bought. ELO are probably the most under rated band of the 20th century.

Author — Mike M 16111


the way life's ment to be makes me cry cause it was my brothers fav band who sadly died of cancer, god bless u Garry x

Author — glenn o brien


this song brings back so many memories - of a simpler time... no stress... good, honest friends.

Author — Rob Berreth


the lyrics, the music the whole arrangement of this song is outstanding.. Jeff is a musical genius

Author — Gregory Murphy


It's a crime that Jeff Lynne is not in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

Author — Candy Blick


It's extremely rare you get a catalog of music that had all the sounds you hear from its decade!

Author — Mohammad M


I cried at "I wish I was back in 1981"... IN 1981.

Author — jmedia1


I graduated from high school in 1981, and every time I hear this song, I wish
I was back in were more simpler then

Author — superbulldog81


Music is the seasoning of life, and this album contains some of the highest quality available.

Simply amazing.

Author — Ildefonso Ferreira Pica


Remember the good old 1980s ? When things were so uncomplicated ? I sure do...

Author — Þorgeir Jónsson


"As I look around this wreck of a town, where people never speak aloud with its ivory towers and plastic flowers, how I wish I was back in 1981."

Author — Curious George


Christmas evening, my mother is dying. Have not heard this song in years. Crying and smiling at the same time. Love you mom !!

Author — stop asking me to change my name!


Best song on an album full of incredible gold

Author — GizmoRose


Pamiętam kiedy uczyłam się na pamięć słów tej piosenki... nie znając tłumaczenia wówczas, na zawsze została w mojej pamięci:)

Author — Jolanta K