One Wedding and a Funeral | Funny Clip | Classic Mr Bean

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One Wedding and a Funeral | Funny Clip | Classic Mr Bean 4.5

A British classic 🤣


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For the 1% of the people reading this, I wish them a very healthy, happy and long life!

Author — BLUE KITTEN aka Ridz K


Why is so much people disliking this it’s acting not real jeez man

Author — Mahdi Tawakoli


There was a moment in Rowan Atkinson's life where he had to explain to a guy that he was Mr. Bean. But the was like "No. U look like Mr. Bean!"

Author — Anonymous


Who remembering our childhood memories MR BEAN and TOM AND JERRY💕❤️😘😍

Author — Tejaswini R S


I've learned from mr.bean in my life is that sitting alone and enjoying your own company is better than being surrounded by fake people.

Author — Umer


3:35 I laughed soo much that my stomach started aching

Author — Sanjay Jain


I'm actually feeling quite sad while watching mr. Bean nowadays....
I've grown up watching him and no matter what, even to this day, I watch his episodes while having lunch.
It makes all my problems vanish. I just can't imagine my life if mr. Bean episodes stop being made.
Sometimes we realize the value of a moment only after it becomes a memory...
I loved mr. Bean, I still do, and will never stop.

Author — Saanvi Ravikiran


Iam going to do this at my ex’s wedding

Author — Shiven Patel


The saddest thing is seeing your childhood comedian actor getting old 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author — edona bajrami


This looks like a new episode. Bean looks old. Is it so ?

Author — Kuldeep Singh Chaudhary


This man teaches us that we don't need someone to enjoy life. We can enjoy a lot even after being single

Author — Ashish Bansiwal


Even after all this I would love to invite him to my marriage.

Author — No_one


Did anybody notice that this is actually new. The guy that Mr bean sits next to is his partner from Johnny English, and also he takes a selfie with his I phone which never even existed in the old episodes.

And he has wrinkles in this episode

Author — Rude Bwoi


I'm never too old to watch mr.bean... he always make us laugh... anybody else in 2020...?

Author — Sarah


After watching the thin blue line, I noticed that the left side of Rowan in the thumbnail is the detective guy.

Author — KIURazin


He is alone but happy, how many of you love Mr bean.
Like here

Author — Mayank Raj


5:17 i laugh so hard

The next one is 7:22 that guy is in the jhonny english strikes again movie with mr.bean

Author — kyle gaming


The groom while taking the vow trying hard not to laugh. What a marriage disaster🤣. Mr. Bean is legend❤

Author — chris_ tta


*He make us laugh without saying a word..!!*

*Love you Mr. Bean. 😘*

Author — PK ShortFilms


Priest also lost "try not to laugh" challenge.

Author — Siddharth Garg