Jamie Carragher filmed spitting in direction of 14-year-old girl

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Jamie Carragher filmed spitting in direction of 14-year-old girl 4
The football pundit was caught on video spitting towards a teenager following Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat at Manchester United. The incident happened while Carragher was driving, ending with him winding down his window and spitting towards another car carrying a teenage girl. He apologised on Sunday evening for the incident via Twitter however the broadcaster has now been suspended  from his pundit role on Sky Sports
Jamie Carragher suspended by Sky Sports after spitting incident

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The father didn’t even care that’s the thing.

Автор — Liam O’Connell


Jamie did not spit that is how a scouser talks lol

Автор — Galactic Federation


The only sensible person in that video was the 14 year old girl. She actually told her father to stop his infantile goading. He would have done well to listen. As for Carragher’s spitting, that was disgusting!

Автор — northkorea


Using a mobile while driving is 6 points these days. There will be no winners here

Автор — mema0005


The dad is liking another man spit on his daughter...idiot

Автор — Toby Plays


The only person with any class here is the 14 year old daughter. Obviously the mother is a decent person because she didn't take after her Dad

Автор — daz374


The only real adult here was the daughter.

Автор — jester 80s


The driver is OBVIOUSLY the person filming. He should be prosecuted.



The clown goading Carragher is a disgraceful role model for his daughter, firstly by affirming to her that goading people is ok, secondly by putting her in a position between himself & Carragher & thirdly by driving irresponsibly. No excuses for Carragher though - the true man behind the suit. Did he not see the guy was holding a phone up? The guy'll probably get away with remaining anonymous, hiding behind the fact that they'll probably want to protect the identity of his daughter.

Автор — Philip H


Carragher could have just kept his window down and ignored it. I'm sure he has had much worse abuse. He showed the world exactly what he is by spitting. Pure filth!

Автор — Youwon't GetMyName


Lol you do realise you can get fined and penalty points for using mobile phone whilst driving?

Автор — Muslim24hour7days


Tbf driving while using a mobile is the real crime here

Автор — gPlan


The young lady is blessed by Carragher s sludge!

Автор — Archer Dark


His Spitting is more accurate than his shooting ever was, absolutely pathetic.

Автор — Titan


Concentrate on your driving with your 14 year old daughter in the car instead of trying to video film and goading another

Автор — Topboy19 82


I am unimpressed by those trying to defend Carragher. The taunt was hardly malicious though if he was filming while driving perhaps the police would be doing their job to charge him with something. But Carragher spitting is quite revolting. A more measured response would be to say something like 'You can't win them all' or to ignore the taunt altogether.

Автор — Jonathan Stewart


Jamie Carragher is a disgusting filthy beast but his behaviour is unlikely to kill anybody, meanwhile the driver using a camera phone while driving is irresponsible, dangerous and illegal and shows that he has no regard for other road users and more appallingly no thought of his own child's safety

Автор — Richard Sanderson


So...someone driving carelessly and having his daugter filming while being incorrigible and rude is just fine but we are supposed to get upset over the target spitting back? Sorry, there has to be some level of etiquette that fans are held to also.

EDIT: And no, I am not a Liverpool fan before anyone asks. Up the Toon!

Автор — Corey Bingham


Just shows how much the driver thinks of his very nice, says the driver....thinks "Kerching...I can earn some money from this"! Most dad's would have been furious and got out of the car at the next lights to confront Carragher!!

Автор — My Opinion


Spitting is actually considered GBH because it can spread diseases

Автор — Rachid Khamlichi