French 79 - Hometown [Official Video]

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Live @ L'Olympia (Paris) 22th Oct 2021

Réalisé par : CAUBOYZ
Production Audiovisuelle : Transfuges, IN/EX (Grand Bonheur)
Avec le soutien du CNC.

Avec : François-Dominique Blin, Tim Higgins, Magali Buti, Lili Canicio et Sophie Mil.

Directeur de production : Romuald Sintes
Directeur de la photographie : Vincent Desrousseaux
Chargée de production & Régisseuse Générale : Margo Cholez
Première assistante caméra : Anaïs Bollègue
Administrateur de production : Emmanuel Besson
Chef monteur : Cauboyz
Etalonneur : Cauboyz
Effets spéciaux numériques supplémentaires : Jimmy Baixas
Cropcircle : Boris Vialle
Effets spéciaux physiques supplémentaires : Mourad Saïdi & Mouss
Accessoires supplémentaires : Aurélien Zavattiero

Remerciements : La famille Vialle et le Ramplan, Yannick Higgins, Blow Up Vintage Store, Elodie Buenaventura, Emilie Canicio, Mr et Mme Mouille, Maud Dissescou, Baptiste Chahinian, Florie Bournaillé, La ville de Marseille - Mission Cinéma.-

Prestataires techniques :
TSF Marseille / Dronecast / Home Studio / Olympic Location / Aucop

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Fancy a psychedelic fairground in the harbor of Marseille to cure your September blues?

Author — French 79


there's so much of youtube I haven't explored yet.

Author — Madhav


I'm just leaving this comment here. So that a month, a year, or a decade down the line if someone likes or comments on this thread, I can relive this song. Timeless.

Author — timbim


I hate my life, half of it is spent working and the other half spent sleeping, my passions lay untouched.

Author — Will Asproth


The feeling when you were a child and you got into the car with your parents in the early morning to drive to go on vacation sounds exactly like this beat

Author — The Penguin


I dont even know how to describe my music tastes at this point...

Author — Swag Jesus


It's unfair how good the French are at electronic music.

Author — Dylan Milne


i hate that everytime people hear any synths they immediately say "oH tHiS wOuLd FiT iNtO sTrAnGeR tHiNgS sO wEll"

Author — Paulicurity


I feel sorry for the people who haven't yet discovered this song

Author — aneom GR


Pop musicvideos: random people are Dancing in random places
Rap musicvideos: random people are smoking weed in front of Cars
Electronic musicvideos: actually a movie

Author — Yeti Beule


Accidentally listened to this while on LSD . Tears of joy was a thing

Author — δε Commentator



Everytime the lights are turning blue
Then i tried to close my eyes to see my hometown
I don't wanna change your life
Flying to the back in time
I feel like a child wearing his cotton cloth
I don't need purified mind
The future and the past are really confusing
But I keep my feet on the ground to keep trying
I don't wanna change my life
Flying to the back in time
I feel like a child
Wearing his cotton cloth
I don't need purified mind

Author — Duck Vader


Je ne pourrais jamais exprimer totalement mon ressenti quand j'écoute ce titre, tellement il est pure, profond et intense ! Je ressens à la fois de la joie, de la tristesse, de la nostalgie, de l'énergie... Je suis très sensible à la musique tous styles confondus, mais ce morceau... ce morceau... c'est un joyau, vraiment... Merci @French79 d'avoir inventer le morceau qui est certainement celui qui me transcende le plus, de la tête aux pieds et par delà les sens et notre condition humaine... 🙏🎶

Author — Cedric Vaysse


A year ago, starting the pandemic, I had an overdose on xanax and clonazepam. I remember that the last song i heard before sleeping 3 days in a row and realizing that I still was alive was this song. Now I'm here. I'm in treatment and I think everything is going to be okay. I hope so.

Author — Alejandra Paulina Pérez González


I came across this song and two things
1. This world has beautiful hidden talents.
2. This song is too small.. Sadly I won't die so short...!!

Author — Karan Karki


Everybody gangster until the traffic lights starts speaks in French House

Author — blood


5 years from now I’ll be listening to this song in my mansion that I had just bought by myself drinking on some vodka and 100 pc wings from wing stop original hots crying my eyes out I promise

Author — Charles Robles


Ich hätte nie gedacht, Pia zufällig als Schauspielerin in einem YouTube Video anzutreffen! :-O Genial! Liebe Grüße von einem argentinischen Freiwilligen

Author — Nippelmann


Probably my most favourite song that I listened to in 2020!

Author — Paul Ford


This track grows on me with each listen. Magic.

Author — Nick