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Yes while its a great product, damn it can irritate the skin... this shows you just how much!
Take your time with these strengths, build up, slowly. To avoid as many side effects as you can.

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Wayne! I work with a cosmetic surgeon and you should start slower!  Start like 2 nights a week for a month and then go to 3 nights and so on. If you do it that way you wont have so much irritation. I work with retin-a everyday and its the best thing for your skin! You can also apply a moisturizer after the retin-a, just wait about 20 to 30 minutes after you apply the retin--a.  Your skin will look even  better then it already does in a few months ;)) XOXO Bri

Author — Brianna Stanko


What's your fav facial spf!? Thanks a mil for sharing going to keep this in mind for when I'm a wee bit older fosho! X

Author — Melanie Murphy


I love how you are so transparent and wanting to be honest and real, like taking off your makeup and explaining. Thank you very much, I means a lot to me, and it makes me keep watching your videos and gain trust!!

Author — Spiritual Sunshine


Could you do an updated video on your experience using Retin A? I'd love to hear about your results. Your skin looks great, by the way!

Author — • J •


Ugh, going through this still with my Prescription retinol. Been doing this for three months and the peeling is only now starting to subside. It's worth it, though. I'm really seeing improvement in my skin. Hope you've got a beautiful moisturizer (I get the Kosé rich cream from Japan, and it's glorious) because oh boy is dryness and flaking a reality when you're retinoling. 😘

Author — Lucy Dyamond


Wayne - first your videos are AMAZING! Love your channel, love your brushes, love your videos!

Can you make a tutorial on how to apply foundation while going through the “Retin-A skin is dried out and red and peeling” period?

Even when the initial scaly peeling stops, the skin is different and it’s impossible to get any type of foundation to not stick to the patchy micro skin exfoliating patches. I used to have combo skin and now I can’t use any of my foundations (liquids, B.B. creams, sprays) and am lost trying to just use a good blurring sunscreen on top of double moisturizing. But I really would like to apply foundation!

Also- can you update us on how your skin is now?

Author — Amy Herrick


Thanks for your videos as always. How long is the transition period typically. I'm sure it can vary person to person, but looking for a general idea. I love all of your Paula's choice recommendations so far

Author — krissygabe


I had been on .05 for about a year, stopped. Went back a year later, had to up it to .1 because my skin just stayed tolerant I guess. And I'm FAIR as heck, natural blonde. .01 is super weak but good for crows feet area. Another side note, the strengths have been proven to work faster the stronger it is ( NIH study). Your skin will look like living hell for a bit but you'll get past the thinning stage (and dreadful purging) and on to the plumping/clear stage faster (more collagen cross linking). And LOL at seeing someone's skin and checking your own ass at the door saying it's time to get your skin in bootcamp. I love it! So realistic. Love you Wayne! Your videos are down to earth, informative and sharing your struggles and advice helps many of us JUST DEAL!

Author — J Carter


Interesting. I'm 2 weeks in with the 0, 5 % every day. My doctor told me that just easing into it with lower strength and less frequent use only postpone the "ugly face". My skin has been red, sore, tight, dry and flaky, but already after 14 days I can see a difference and the peeling is less. Still dry though. I scrub AM and PM too, and I had dry skin to begin with. Wayne, pls do an update on your Retin A journey and if you still use it.

Author — Dwightinho56


Ive been on the 0.05 for around a year and a half now and I've seen some good results. (Not quite 12 again lol) I'm thinking of going up to 0.1 just to see if i can get even better results from it. How are you applying your foundation and what foundation are you using ? When I flaked the foundation just made it all look ten times worst! Xx

Author — 10Dixy


Hi Wayne! Could you tell us what foundation you use when you have flaky skin? I suffer from hormonal acne, and my treatment products make my skin flake and peel like nothing else... All of my foundations/powders would only make it appear worse. Would love to know your foundation routine at this period.
And thank you for all your lovely videos!

Author — godylenol


When I was using it my friends called me a dragon during my transition period because of the flaking and irritated skin. It was so worth it.

Author — Kate O'Mara


So inspiring...day 2 of my retin a here n I was in tears 5 mins back. You are an angel. I am going to hold on to my retin a.

Author — Emma Gates


I absolutely love my Retin-A! It's the only thing that keeps my skin clear. I stopped using it for a while and I started to break out again.

Author — LetitiaLaura


I use Retin-a product for almost a year, I love the result. My skin looks like I am 15 years younger than my age, which is plumping, elastic and winkle free. I will absolutely continue using my Refissa cream.

Author — Leah P


Thank you so much for sharing this experience Wayne! So how is this preferable to slowly working ones way into those higher strengths of retin A ?

Author — Kathy McCoy


Wayne, you do know that you can use Retin A once a week to begin with the gradually build up to twice a week then every other day over a few months. I have been at the stage you are at and it's horrible. Even worse for me, I got an acid burn from it just under my chin! I know you can alsp push through that stage but think it's better to stagger it if it does make your skin that sore. Am just about to start again here!

Author — loobsy1


I have been using 0.05% since November. I agree with all you said....you can see the benefits like in a week but at 4 months wow the difference. I use my clairasonic in the morning with a mild cleanser and it takes care of the flakeness.

Author — urbanfabchic


I used retin a for some mild acne a year ago and in less than a week my face was clear. BUT... my skin had a very weird reaction which I have never heard about. I'm hoping someone has had a similar reaction and can explain.
My skin wasn't only super red and irritated, it also was covered in little bumps, like a rash. It was also incredibly itchy and let me be clear that it wasn't from the dryness. It felt like an allergic reaction.
I continued to use it despite this because I thought it might be the side effects and it would go away but even after reducing it to almost nothing, only once a week, the rash would come back.
The thing that made me stop is my pores got huge which is weird because retin a tightens pores. It took about 8 months of treatment to get my pores back to normal.
So has anyone experienced this and could you give some insight? Also be careful, I did read online that it made some people's pores larger and for many of them they didn't go back to normal even after stopping.

Author — abirsashee


I think I'm going to try using the Paula's Choice 1% retinol before going the prescription route, but I'm excited to see what kind of results you get over time, Wayne. If I do go the Retin A route, I think I'd start with the lowest strength because I'm a redhead and already prone to both sunburn and sensitive skin. Looking forward to seeing your results in the future!

Author — fieryredhead23