Top 5 Division Templates - Hearts of Iron 4 Best Templates (Hearts of Iron 4 Strategy Guide)

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Top 5 Division Templates - Hearts of Iron 4 Best Templates (Hearts of Iron 4 Strategy Guide) Today I'm showing my top 5 best HOI4 Division templates based La Resistance DLC. In this Hearts of Iron 4 guide I'm showing you guys many tips and tricks few people know about when designing a division template and how template design is more of a strategy compared to just luck in HOI4.






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This one was Infantry only, do you want me to make one which also Includes tanks, motorized & other stuff?

Author — IronOperon


Thank you, this gave me good ideas about what to put in certain divisions. Very informative. Those small divisions are also good when you are playing a country that doesn't have much for manpower, but you use the Superior Firepower land doctrine with the Dispersed Support/Shock & Awe split or the Grand Battle Plan land doctrine with the Infiltration split. Just my take on it, since I've tried both land doctrines using your division configurations with much success.

Author — C.R. Alexander


For the colonial/Garrison template I would add logistics and recon armored car for fighting in Africa, but organization would suffer

Author — JM MC


Ironopreon: I don’t recommend using 20 whith divisions in Africa
Me: who uses 40 whith heavy tank divisions 👌

Author — Warthunder Canblunder


Btw you can make your Marine even OP'er with making its Recon's Light tank so you will have an light armor.

When you successfully land with marine your enemy is out of organisation. If you hit right afterwards. None of them can pierce you. So you will have unpierced armor bonus. So you will fight non stop and move further. You can be unpierced against garrison divisions no matter what organizations is. If you variant your light tank's armor. I use light tanks in every specialised unit. Even in the paratroopers. Unpiercable bonus is sometimes just too op. If you are lucky enough this is a huge bonus and all cost is 24 light tanks. You can produce it in a week with a few factories.

Author — Berke Ihlamur


A template that I like to use atm is the following 20 width: 8 infantry, 2 anti-tank, 2 anti-air. Purpose is to just hold the line against anything the enemy throws at me. Support units are if possible both artillery units, engineer, recon (mobile one if possible because of stat increase) and last, but not least, the one that lowers supply cost. I'd say the main downside is the initial production cost, but since it's a defensive demplate it won't cost much to maintain anyway.

Author — Vincrand


Best division is a 10 width superior firepower with support artillery, support AA, support AT, support rocket artillery and support light scout tank. Spit out like 200 of these.

Author — SMGJohn


I just started getting into this game and I run a 32 width infantry that has 4 artillery 2 anti tank and like 12 infantry with full support like field hospital engineers logistics anti air and signal company

Author — The Fool


7/2 is use less in single player imo. Pure infantry as filler divisions and tanks as main attack is always going to do better because ai never counters tanks they are mostly infantry which get destroyed by tanks.



When i play as manchukuo, i often transform the ordinary division into imperial guard division

With same template

Author — Generalfeldmarshal Among us


Marines arent that much needed if you dont plan to naval invade on coastline forts or naval bases, cuz good infantry in most cases will win against garrisons a shore

Author — HunGaroCell32


For garri divs is it better with cavalry instead of infantry? I, ve heard the army buffs you use dont help later on

Author — Moms Spaghetti


Not putting a recon company in a division is shooting yourself in the foot for the most part, if not only to mitigate the enemy's bonus by using a cavalry recon.

Author — Herb Dean


#5) 1:27 - 20 Width Template
#4) 2:34 - 40 Width Template
#3) 4:37 - 10 Width anti tank
#2) 5:54 - 10 Width Garrison / Colonies
#1) 7:09 - OP Marine

Author — Noah Blal


The best template is the chinese template which is 30 width

Author — Young Hefner


if ur like rlly going ham
i'd recommend

Support Artillery | 15 infantry
Engineer Company | 10 artillery
Logistics Company | elite
Signal Company | high priority
Maintenance Company |

absolutly destroys enemy units

Author — Yeetus Deletus


Last template is probably good in MP but in SP it's not really worth it.. I mean you can make naval invasion next to a port and take it just after, the IA is too dumb to cover all the coastline

Author — A French Dude


Best advice

Dont learn hoi from youtube
50% is bad and 80% is outdated / irrelevant in multiplayer

Author — Diamond


Good tips learned something new thanks

Author — Krzysztof Mendel


Thx for advice. but what about nations with low man power?

Author — Anas Dlshad