2019 Hyundai Santa Fe – 'Edgey' New Crossover

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The #Hyundai #SantaFe was facing a strange identity crisis from 2013-2018 with the 3-row "Santa Fe" and the 2-row "Santa Fe Sport". For 2019, Hyundai is simplifying things with the Santa Fe Sport becoming just the Santa Fe and the 3-row version becoming the Palisade in 2020. Now in its 4th generation, this new model gains an 8-speed transmission and updated 4-cylinder engines with much improved fuel economy. Hyundai also took a bit more of a risk with the exterior and interior design and the result is a crossover that stands out from the crowd and provides an interesting option if you want something that is a little bigger then a compact but not quite a midsize SUV.

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Man you don't play around when it comes to the reviews. You stay uploading new content. You give one of the best car reviews on YouTube man.

Author — kevin


Really nice interior. Love how Hyundai and Kia are killing it on their cars.

Author — Inigo Sim


I am always amazed by how you are able to cover a great deal of material in a relatively short period of time. I appreciate that you always give your positive impressions as well as your impressions of details not so impressive. Great review as usual.

Author — Chuck Hall


The strength of this vehicle is the safety, size and visibility. The car received great safety ratings and is larger than most of its competition and you can see the amount of light coming into the vehicle in this review

Author — Stevie


Great in depth review sir! This is the first Santa Fee I think you’ve liked since you’ve been reviewing these cars. I have always agreed with you, something was always off about the styling of the odd model...I always preferred the Kia Sorento. I expect we will see a redesign version of that vehicle very soon! As always great job!

Author — Billy Beheler


Another great review from Redline - you sure put a lot of concise, useful information in a short period of time! I've been looking at the new Santa Fe for a while, and I'm in agreement with your comments. Ironically, the wife & I just stopped by an Enterprise car rental location yesterday afternoon, and checked out one of these SUVs (El Strippo level of trim). We both had the same immediate impression of the interior - open, excellent forward visibility, roomy, and even the cloth seats weren't bad. BTW, regarding your comment on the Santa Fe's leather seats, Hyundai has used a pretty poor grade of "leather" (pleather?) in everything but their most expensive vehicles for years, so, no surprise. Exterior? Ummm….. for me, there is room for improvement, but that's my opinion. The rear storage area was surprising - huge, a butt load of cubic feet. What's unfortunate is that while Hyundai has made good progress on sound suppression and suspensions, they are way behind the times in the power-to-weight & MPG departments. I don't need an CUV that can dust off a Ford GT, but I do need a vehicle that can accelerate briskly for those times that you need to do so, has the power reserve to handle heavier loads in hilly areas, and gives me at least reasonable MPG. A Toyota Highlander can beat this pup in 0-60 runs AND gets better gas mileage. Ford Edge? Same thing (I've driven four of them for thousands of miles over the past three years), and there's other CUVs that can accomplish all of these needs. I dunno - maybe Hyundai is trying to nudge upscale buyers towards Kia and the overpriced Sorento (which is a bit smaller to me). Get to work, Hyundai - you've got a potentially great CUV here with the right changes!

Author — Eskie Man


Nice review... rented the base model and was impressed with the room. At 6'4" plenty of space up front and can fit behind myself in driving position. Knowing the upper trim has adjustable rear seats is a major win, have tall kids. Gonna have to test drive the top turbo model. Me likey for under 40k.

Author — Live Jones


Hyundai is killing it lately.

This new Santa Fe is great, and the new Palisade looks even better 😎👍🏼

Author — iBJanky


Had my Ultimate a month now! LOVE it went back home for Thanksgiving and surprised everyone My Mom sat in the front seat and was shocked how roomy it was!!! The safety features alone are worth the price. Your life is worth it! He forgot to mention rear seat protectors with door and when exiting vehicle and if you FORGET a live object the car will send you a text and honk horn for 24 hours! You never know! Kids die every year from that happening!

Author — Eddie Novak


This is probably the exact color combination I'd get for this Santa Fe Ultimate 2.0T. I love that blue, & I like the interior color combination, but I also like the black & beige two-tone option this version was available with

Author — NileshR12


I don't mind the face and headlight treatment of this new Santa Fe. In fact, I think it's rather stylish and design-forward. Without auto reviewers telling you that the actual headlights are part of the lower clusters, you would automatically assume that the daytime running lights, that are always on, are sleek modern, even slightly aggressive, headlights. Your brain will automatically "accept" this look as the conventional order of lights. This gives the Santa Fe's face a more balanced look compared to the previous light treatment of the Cherokee. It's only because we were informed that the light clusters are actually reversed that some of us will now process this in our heads and think of it as "polarizing".

Author — artdelac


I test drove the 2019 Santa Fe SEL 2.4. I liked it a lot and I had no complaints whatsoever. However, the Mazda CX-5 had more of the "Wow" factor; interior and driving refinement were clearly superior, so it was higher on my list even though I didn't like the cumbersome infotainment system and the BSM was too sensitive. I eventually ended up getting the Honda CR-V because it's more efficient and great all around. If you're comparing it to the best compact SUV's, I think it falls short unless you need the extra passenger room.

Author — Ramon Suarez


Thank you for being so thorough with your reviews I've always enjoyed watching you since the beginning and have bought three of my cars off of your suggestions and showing of vehicles

Author — James Conway


Unlike the reviewer, I really like the new front end and overall look of the new Santa Fe. Interior seems great as well. The size and adjustability of the backseat is great as is the cavernous cargo area. Where this vehicle falls short is fuel economy. It's woeful .. worse than the new Ford ranger pickup with a much bigger and more powerful engine. The new Rav4 Hybrid really shines in this area. Hyundai needs a mild hybrid and real hybrid option to compete. They really need to lose few hundred lbs as well.

Author — BB3


I recently purchased a 2019 Santa Fe in the limited trim and I have to say, I am extremely impressed so far. Yes there are small things I wish were a little better, but compared to everything in this class, this vehicle is near fully loaded for an unbeatable price. Every other maker is easily $8-10K more for the features you are receiving from this new Santa Fe. Honestly! Compare the features to ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC, and even makers such as BMW, Lexus, and Land Rover. I paid appx. 31K for my 2019 limited Santa Fe, and no dealership could even come close on a 2019 model in this segment. Great job Hyundai.

Author — In…The…Distance


The Palisade will be good for the price! I especially like its rugged body on frame SUV look and its luxurious interior, worthy of a 50k+ SUV/CUV but for a fraction of the price

Author — Vlad Saghin


Impressed by your in depth review and will say it’s all relevant and verry informative in a way that makes me feel like we’re experiencing this together and I feel engaged and like a normal conversation. Thanks and keep doing what you do you are good at it.

Author — zachory wark


Interesting. In New Zealand, the brand new Santa Fe has a third row of seats. Also, we didn't get the larger Santa Fe for the previous generation, but the Santa Fe Sport with a third row (called the Santa Fe, they dropped the Sport name in the absence of the larger model). I hope we get the Palisade when it is released in a few months.

Author — Joshua Howie


Never have I wanted or felt the need to have an SUV. But at this price point with all the tech this vehicle offers, I'd drive one! Love the pano roof, that sold me!

Author — Gio From Texas


It looks great. I just doubt it lasts as long as a RAV-4, but it looks good enough for sure inside and out

Author — Paul M