2019 Hyundai Santa Fe – 'Edgey' New Crossover

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The #Hyundai #SantaFe was facing a strange identity crisis from 2013-2018 with the 3-row "Santa Fe" and the 2-row "Santa Fe Sport". For 2019, Hyundai is simplifying things with the Santa Fe Sport becoming just the Santa Fe and the 3-row version becoming the Palisade in 2020. Now in its 4th generation, this new model gains an 8-speed transmission and updated 4-cylinder engines with much improved fuel economy. Hyundai also took a bit more of a risk with the exterior and interior design and the result is a crossover that stands out from the crowd and provides an interesting option if you want something that is a little bigger then a compact but not quite a midsize SUV.

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Amazing interior, Hyundai is klling it!

Author — Riceman


Man you don't play around when it comes to the reviews. You stay uploading new content. You give one of the best car reviews on YouTube man.

Author — kevin


"The rear end is a much more pleasing view than the front, at least in my eyes."
It's ok santa fe, I get that a lot too.

Author — spiralnapkin


From palisade to this unveiling. They really doing great. I would not mind spending money. Especially on the palisade

Author — austin okomol


I wish reviewers would show the base model or at least the SEL, most people aren’t buying the $40k Santa Fe.

Author — TheDavePhan


“There’s a nice little big side mirror here” - Sofyan 2018 17:13

Author — Sanay Hans


There's a "crap ton" of space in the all-new Santa fe. I'm sure that's the word they were going for. 😂

Author — Romeo MK


Might want to balance the audio more carefully. Voices and music are WAY different. Music was blaring compared to the speaking portion.

Author — Dan Becker


Wow brilliant video Sofyan and his team!

Author — aayan goverski


Loved the review, you were so poised and well composed. GREAT JOB!

Author — Andre K. Forbes


I love that Hyundai/Kia still use a conventional transmission vs CVT.

Author — Ross Carter


I am always amazed by how you are able to cover a great deal of material in a relatively short period of time. I appreciate that you always give your positive impressions as well as your impressions of details not so impressive. Great review as usual.

Author — Chuck Hall


Where do you find your intro music? 😩😩 i love it. It makes me want to continue watching everytime

Author — Zachary Williams


4:55 Velumptuous….lmfao I had a friend who used to say that

Author — Steve Oswald


First new vehicle bought and the wife and i are loving it def more than enough room for us two and a dog but i imagine those with a kid or two would be pleased as well.

Author — EvoX 1493


i'm really happy with the nice thud too!

Author — gregsandersholl


Thank you for being so thorough with your reviews I've always enjoyed watching you since the beginning and have bought three of my cars off of your suggestions and showing of vehicles

Author — James Conway


7:05 first time I’ve ever heard you actually say that the door shut is actually solid.

Author — Bad Drivers of SoCal


Finally!! I've been waiting for this vid lol Thanks

Author — smartkid1201


Great vid and props for listening to BPM on XM. Buying an Ultimate in January. Gonna fight the traffic on 66 in style!

Author — Jody Shelton