Gaui X7 FZ Low Head Speed 6S

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

I wanted to try out 6S flight on my Gaui X7 FZ. I did not want to do a "special build" so I merely jumpers one of the ESC leads and only installed a single 6S 5000 battery. The motor is the Tengu 4530 HS 510 and the gear ratio is 10:1. I set up IU 1 for my 12S flights and IU 2 (100% throttle output) for my 6S flights. No other changes to the FBL. The Axon works great in both setups.

Equipped as flown:
Gaui X7FZ
Demon Axon FBL
Xpert KD1 and KD1T servos
813 mm Edge main blades and 115 mm tail blades

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what parts would be needed to do your 800mm stretch? thanks great videos

Author — Reefer Kenneth