It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere.

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It's not you. Bad doors are everywhere. 5

There's a door on the 10th floor in the Vox Media office I hate so much. You probably know one of these too. But it's not our fault.

And luckily, Roman Mars of 99% Invisible magically arrived in my cellphone to send me on a cross-country journey to find out the incredible surprises behind this common complaint:

Don Norman started complaining about doors over 25 years ago. Doors shouldn't need instructions – the shape of them can guide you through just fine. So why do so many doors need instruction manuals right on the side of them?

When most people complain about something, nothing happens. Don Norman is not most people – he's a psychologist and cognitive scientist. Don Norman thought about, and wrote about his complaints so incredibly thoroughly that he changed the world. 99% Invisible's Roman Mars helps tell the story.

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There is a law in Canada, every doors in public spaces have to open toward outdoor, for fire safety. There were a case where everybody rushed to the door and it was impossible to open the door and almost everybody died.

Author — Rock'on


Make a door that opens both ways.


Author — Michael Rahaman


when it looks like a push door

*but its a slide door*

Author — happy person20202


What about bathroom doors that need you to pull to get out after washing your hands?!

Author — Frze


You know what confuses me ? Doors that both push and pull, but have a sign on them that says push or pull.

Author — TheMonyarm


I was banned from a supermarket once because I fell victim to their bad design.

In Germany you have to return used bottles to the supermarket. So I went to this supermarket with a couple of bottles, and there was a sign that indicated where to return them. I walked there, and there was a door that said "fire safety door -- must not be held open". So I thought, "oh, I guess I have to open it then". So I opened it and there was the machine, that said "ready" and accepted my bottles. But then an employee of the supermarket stomped at me, really angrily, and banned me from the store, because I was not supposed to open that door. It was ridiculous, because there was no way to know that, so I asked to talk to the owner to clear things up, but he agreed that I should be banned from the store, and he was like, "what should we do? add a sign to the door?" As if that would be something that was unthinkable.

Wow, it still aggravates me today.

Author — fluffy girl


My biggest pet peeve with doors is when there's TWO doors together and one of them is locked. They often leave a stupid sign that says "Use other door" I see so many business that do this and it drives me crazy and it makes no sense why they do this. ..especially when it's not immediately obvious which door is locked.

Author — Devon Opden Dries


Me:*sees a door with no handle*
Me:*thinks it's a push door*
Me:*tries to push open door and fails*
Someone:it's a sliding door sir

Author — Clurinduz Clurix


Trust me, you'll be thankful for norman doors when the apocalypse occurs and zombies don't know how to open them.

Author — Treka Double


The amount of times I've embarrassed myself in public opening a door wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️

Author — Cherie


Bruh I thought it said "Its not you. Bad odors are everywhere."

Author — - Hender -


Door: *becomes annoying*
Norman: "Oh boy im gonna write a book about you, damn door!"

Author — Klytron


They called the wrongly designed door after the designer who called upon improving them?

Author — Name Last Name


There shouldn't be a handle on a door if you're not supposed to pull the handle.

Author — Jude Furr


In the us, most doors that are the entry and exit point for a room that has a capacity of more than 20 are to be pushed on exit and pulled on entry due to fire code. There was an infamous fire in Chicago where a lot of people burned alive because the crowd mobbed the door which made it impossible to pull it open. Since then this rule has been the standard. I hardly ever get doors wrong no matter how poorly designed they are due to my knowledge of this, so hopefully spreading the word will help some others too.

Author — Guillermo Hernandez


My company door have a sign called "push"
I pushing the doors until i realized

*It was button for slide the door*

Author — ERMA MP40


One time I ran into a glass door, smack my face and broke my glasses. IN THE MALL. Ohh the embarrassment

Author — Hermione Granger


stop putting handles on push doors!
And make bothroom doors push to exit so I don;t have to grab the handle to exit

Author — [i] ven


"Bad doors" are actually okay to have. If somebody tries to steal and run away then it's harder for them. Only in certain places of course.

Author — Janel Rivasz


"F A R M I N G"

Author — Arcordia