Video of a teenage girl in Hong Kong breaking coronavirus self-quarantine rules sparks online anger

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Video of a teenage girl in Hong Kong breaking coronavirus self-quarantine rules sparks online anger 4.5
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Video of a young woman visiting a restaurant in Hong Kong when she was supposed to be at home in isolation to prevent possible spread of the coronavirus sparked an angry reaction after the clip was widely shared on social media.Hong Kong is scrambling to cope with a second wave of Covid-19 cases, including many linked to residents who returned to the city from trips abroad.As of March 19, 2020, anyone entering Hong Kong must self-isolate for 14 days. To ensure compliance, those in self-quarantine are issued electronic bracelets linked to an app which alerts the Hong Kong Department of Health and police if the wearer strays from their registered address.

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This is why the virus keeps spreading, people are ignorant about it.. If they wanted food on the first place then the father should have just come alone or just use foodpanda.

Автор — スイッチSwitch


This dude is kinda annoying but he’s doing the right thing

Автор — Marcus Cheung


And she's not even wearing a mask! What's wrong with these people? Are they being paid to be irresponsible?

Автор — Drako-shi


We can see this guy is so upset.. i can understand how he felt.. moreover, they sat beside him for a long time

Автор — Nur Fadhilah Adnan


The guy has every reason to get up set. She's putting not only his health (his family) but the rest of Hong Kongers at risk.

Автор — koko nana


The girl is wrong,
but so is the adult man accompanying her.

Автор — 1hourOfLove


This guy have to be annoying to attract most attention within the shortest amount of time since the girl is walking constantly.

He did the right thing.

Автор — Celestial Star


Looks like it's the father's fault, he didn't even tell his daughter to wear a mask.

Автор — BSdetector


Arrest them, fine them, quarantine them. Horrible, selfish, vile human beings.

Автор — A9907


How irresponsible of father and daughter!

Автор — ABC ABC


This guy is protecting other people. Great man!

Автор — Blue_Ocean


This guy is a hero. Glad he called the police. People like that put us all at risk. Selfish.

Автор — Couper dallas


Pretty sure it’s the father leading her on

Автор — Azsolus


Anyone: *Violates self-quarantine rule*
This guy: wants to know your location

Автор — Psalm


And here I am, day 9 of quarantine, haven't been out of the house and this idiot is roaming the streets. Take the virus seriously, even if you don't have the symptoms but maybe you are a carrier and can still give it to others.

Автор — nette283


I propose a new bill that would FINE EVERYONE WHO ISNT WEARING A MASK $500

Автор — NDA *


Send her to the jail if she don't obey government rules

Автор — Pren Johnesse


Like father like daughter, no senses. Thanks for following them through and sharing this so we know how selfish they are

Автор — Nobody Nobody


really inconsiderate and others at risk

Автор — lee keong


Ignorant and selfish. Where are her parent? Bravo for this man's action.

Автор — Robert Wong