What If a Flash Wiped Out Everyone's Memories?

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What If a Flash Wiped Out Everyone's Memories? 5
Imagine, it comes out of nowhere. A blinding flash, spanning the entire globe. It lasts only a few seconds, but when it's over, everyone's memories have been erased. We’re talking almost 8 billion people suddenly forgetting who they are, overwhelmed by panic and confusion. What would the aftermath of the flash be like? And could this actually happen?

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What If is a mini-documentary web series that takes you on an epic journey through hypothetical worlds and possibilities. Join us on an imaginary adventure — grounded in scientific theory — through time, space and chance, as we ask what if some of the most fundamental aspects of our existence were different.

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What if we already watched this video.

Author — Can I get Subscribers for some reason questionmark?


You could make a sick movie about this

Author — Mees


When You accidentally clicked Reset in a Game:

Author — WT4


Flash wipes out my memory

Mom: It’s because you on that damn phone

Author — swervv


Grandad with Alzheimers:
*"First time?"*

Author — Jimmy neutron


What if everyone's memories is erased...
me: tommorow is my exam and i don't remember what the essay is.
..Damn it just happened to

Author — Ayush Dev


*Men In Black want to know your location*

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


Everyone: **Forgots Memory**
Babies: *Allow us to introduce ourselves

Author — Kev Channel


What if this already happened and we just don't remember it 🤯🤯

Author — J Gordon


“Cars and Airplanes Would destroy each other and cause chaos”

Corona: you don’t need to worry about that anymore

Author — A9XU GT


What if flash wiped out everyone's memories?

Me: we would finally forget YOUTUBE REVIND.

Author — PraWa


Every time they say “The Flash”, I thought he meant the show “The Flash”

Author — Hein Aung


Me: _forgets everything after the flash_
Mom: It's because of that damn phone!

Author — yadhukrishnan mukundhan


What if a flash wipeout everyone's memory

My teacher: okay I hope your ready for the test

Me: what test?

Author — Yoshiro Senpai


I just finished watching men in Black 🤣😂

Author — Aylwin Bayano


Then my diarie will finally have a purpose

Author — zaz tat


**After noticing there is another what if video**
Me: I know we are gonna die.

Author — Ds Assasin


Next on what if:
What if 9/11 never happened?

Author — phillippe.m • 40 years ago and


*Flash wipes out memory*
Everyone: Forgets how to breathe air *dies*

Author — Hello hello


Flash wipes everyone's memory
People waking up from sleep: What the hell happened here?

Author — sajal dubey