Father and son drive into a wildfire

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Father and son drive into a wildfire 4.5
A father and son had a miraculous escape from a wildfire in Glacier National Park in Montana on August 12, when they were forced to drive through the flames, dodging debris and enduring an increasingly hot car.

Justin Bilton told Storyful that he and his father saw the then small Howe Ridge Fire begin to spread from 5 acres to over 2000 in a matter of hours.

“We hiked back to the car to get out where it was parked at the end of a dead end road”, Bilton said. “After we were stopped by the downed tree, we reversed back through all of this and were rescued by two park employees on a boat. They saved our lives”.

Credit: Justin Bilton via Storyful

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It’s crazy how the person driving is 40 years old and the dad is 75 years old. But in this situation it’s like the son is 20 years old and the dad is 40

Author — Stunnzu


Their voices: 30 volume

Your censorship beep: 9999 volume

Author — Toxic Neko


I like how the father is calm and encouraging him to stay calm. Crazy situation.

Author — Prince K


Dad, what if the car blows up?
Well, then we're dead.

Author — Vertical GG


Go practice drving with dad they sad, it'll be fun they said...

Author — Johan Jönsson


a park ranger found them and were saved there thank god.

Author — Joel Benites


Dad: it's gonna be ok just slow down
Napoleon Dynamite: the car's gonna frickin explode gosh!

Author — Vyse500


The comments here are so insensitive to the panic and fear that people fear in this situation. This IS NOT a joking matter. Imagine what the people went through who did not make it out. Raise your humanity and be kind!

Author — SunshineSurfsup1


Oh my sweet Thank God they were saved!!!!

Author — Elis Rebeca


Boy: Dad what if the car blows up?
Dad: Ah...well.. we’re dead.

Author — Esora


lord almighty. and they reversed their way out of that?!!! cant believe it. like driving straight into hell!!

Author — gypsijewel


Dad: I think we can drive through this
Son: WHAT!?

Author — Thomas Verna


the only thing id be worried about is the tires melting cause they arent made for that kind of heat

Author — Frost


Dad: ok. Drive.

Author — Stavros Koul


Amazing how everyone tends to find *God* when facing death.

Author — county sheepdog


This brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for those who did not make it and their family and friends.

Author — Jessica LT


*but dad, what if the car blows up?*
*ah, then we're dead.*

Author — Exodia


0:23 "Dad what if the car blows up....?" Dad: "Well, we're dead."

Author — Deathheads69


A true dad !! A true father will do his best to keep his son calm even in bad situations...good job dad

Author — BIG JOE


INTENSE❗...the hairs on my arms... stood straight, the (BLEEP) UP❗

Author — QQurious mQQe