What If We Planted a Trillion Trees

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What If We Planted a Trillion Trees 5
It's dawn, it's dark and you don't what kind of weather is waiting for you outside your tent. It doesn't matter anyway. In rain, hail, sleet, snow, or blistering heat, you're on the front lines, shovel in hand, wearing over 20 kilos (50 pounds) of gear, battling against nature to save the environment. On a good day, you might plant 2,000 trees in a 10-hour shift.

So why would anyone do it? Because if they didn't, life would be much worse... for everyone.

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"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere." — Carl Sagan

Produced by Underknown in Toronto, What If is a mini-documentary web series that takes you on an epic journey through hypothetical worlds and possibilities. Join us on an imaginary adventure — grounded in scientific theory — through time, space and chance, as we ask what if some of the most fundamental aspects of our existence were different.

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It needs to become a viral trend for teens to go out and plant a tree and then take a video of it.

Then millions of people would be doing it like the stupid bottlecap challenge.

Author — MakoRuu


We don't have to plant that much trees... just need to stop cutting them, Nature can heal itself....

Author — S.J. Bora


“What if we planted a trillion trees?“
More like
"Why dont we plant a trillion trees?"

Author — James Jasper Dela Cruz


Well here in the Philippines our president made a mandatory law, that in order for a student to graduate from college he/she must plant 10 trees.

Author — Nagabami Ko


Idiot humans finding other planets with earth like atmosphere but not ready to save earth

Author — Neha pande


sad because the Amazon rainforest is getting destroyed as we speak and no one is doing anything about it.

Author — Kadi NOOR


24 july 2019 wednesday.. I planted 5 trees.
2 August 2019 friday.
Me and my dad planted 20 trees together.
9 September 2019 . I planted 3 lemon trees and 3 guavas tress.

Author — Resho Loitam


Didnt knew tree planter job is hard. Hats off for them

Author — FIRELORD767


You haven't answered to the question in a satisfactory way... You just emphasized the lack of trees...

Author — Turnivor


mr. beast should do a video: *i planted 1 trillion trees in 24 hours... *EMOTIONAL**

Author — lemon tea


"What will happen if we plant trillions of trees"

Global warming:



1. Climate change will chamge drastically
2. Will produce more oxygen
3.less heat
4. And less carbon emissions

Author — inphrit


If mr beast does 1.5 trillion.... then morgz will also do 1.5 trillion... and then we will have 3 trillion trees!



In Finland there is a the law that land owner has to replant forests after cutting. That law should Be used everywhere

Author — Leevi Talvitie


"Battling against nature to save the environment"

What If - 2019

Author — mamta guleria


We can play our role by reducing use of paper, wood etc as much as possible.



Just remove *"Humanity"* from the equation..
Nature always finds a way to survive...

Author — JaisonScarFace


Who came here after the Amazon incident?

Author — Cedric Velarde


Y’all can plant trees by switching your search engine to Ecosia! They use ad revenue to plant trees

Author — Zero Waste Teen


“You might even call it second degree murder.”

Author — Unknown